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Top Kitchen Renovation Trends for Spring/Summer in New South Wales

Top Kitchen Renovation Trends for Spring/Summer in New South Wales

As the mercury begins to rise and we begin to see warmer days and longer nights, it’s a good sign that the spring and summer seasons are around the corner – and with them comes the perfect opportunity to renovate your kitchen to make the most of it. 

Not just a hub for cooking in the warmer months, the kitchen transforms into a centre for entertaining and sharing time with friends and family. So, now is the time to reassess your current set-up and make some strategic renovations with this in mind.  

Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen overhaul or looking for quick and effective ways to refresh your space, we’ve compiled a list of the top kitchen renovation trends for spring and summer.

1. Open shelving

Implementing open shelving is a quick update that will amplify the sensation of open space and airiness within your kitchen. 

Making it easy to showcase your favourite serving ware or to create a style statement, open shelving can also help you to show off your personality and to create a design focal point for your guests. 

In the spirit of minimalism (and to keep that summer cleaning to a minimum), keep your shelves clutter-free with only the essentials on display. Opt for light-coloured shelves to reflect the natural light streaming in during the warmer months.

2. Keep your colour palette light and bright

Spring and summer call for light and breezy colour schemes that amplify the extended hours of sunshine we enjoy outside at this time. A coastal colour palette, full of warm whites, pale blues and natural tones, is a popular palette for the season given its ties to the beach. It’s also one that tends to transverse different cycles of kitchen renovation trends, making it a timeless option.

Alternatively, inject a pop of colour into your kitchen to create a warm and inviting space for guests. Think fruity or citrus tones that will mirror the brightness of the outdoors. If painting the walls is too much for you, you can always introduce these colours through kitchen accessories like your crockery, decor or even just a vibrant set of tea towels. 


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3. Embrace the indoor-outdoor flow

In Sydney, where outdoor living is a way of life, it’s only natural that we see kitchen renovation trends gravitate towards blurring the lines between the kitchen and a neighbouring alfresco area. 

Sliding glass doors or floor-to-ceiling windows to an adjacent outdoor dining area can more easily facilitate entertaining. Consider further accommodations, like a servery window directly above your sink, to not only expand your living space but also invite natural light and fresh air into your kitchen.

4. Statement lighting

A clever lighting design can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen. Consider pendant lights with a fitting in a natural material to hang over your island or seating area. These lights not only add visual interest but also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for hosting gatherings in your kitchen.

Also take the opportunity to add more dynamic levels of lighting throughout your space, such as LED strip lighting beneath your cabinetry. This task lighting means you can get away with having less overhead lighting while preparing, making the kitchen feel less stark to your guests. 

5. Upgrade your appliances

For many of us, the spring and summer months are synonymous with long days spent under the air conditioning. This usually also means large power bills! 

Reduce your bill shock (and your impact on the environment) by upgrading your appliances to more energy-conscious models. Not only do these appliances usually come with extended functionality, they’ll also likely save you on running costs over time. 

You can similarly look to swap out your tap for a more water-efficient model.

6. Grow your own greens

With your space now full of natural light and ventilation, why not make the most of it and cultivate your own herbs on a windowsill or benchtop? Fresh herbs are both handy to add to any summer dish, but also contribute to that sensation of indoor-outdoor flow. 

Incorporating these kitchen renovation trends can transform your kitchen into a place you’ll love to cook and entertain in over the summer months. 

If your kitchen is in need of an update for entertaining season, or you’d like to see these kitchen renovation trends come to life, why not visit one of our showroom locations and chat to the Apollo Kitchens team? We can help you to plan a renovation that meets both your needs and your budget – get in touch today.

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