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Kitchen Renovations During Cooling House Market Sydney

When the housing market begins to cool in Sydney, homeowners begin to reflect on how they can renovate their home for current living and future sales.

Your kitchen makes the ambience of the entire house more functional and organised. It gives a more sophisticated look to your house, making a great impression on anyone who enters and this adds value to the property.

It is very common for people to question if kitchen renovations increase home values enough to justify their expense. In order to actually increase value, it needs to be well planned. If you are looking to sell your home, then an average kitchen renovation will definitely pay its costs, but a great one could give your property distinction amongst others.

Imagine you entered a house for inspection. Everything looked great. It seemed like an amazing opportunity for you and your family. When you arrived at the kitchen it was empty, with zero joinery and old tiles. This would make you consider other options straight away, as the kitchen plays an important role in families.

For that reason, kitchens are on Sydney homeowners’ high priority when it comes to renovations, especially during the cooling house market. With over 50 years of experience, we have prepared a list for you of what you should focus on when planning kitchen renovations.


New benchtops

Your kitchen benchtops are a fundamental point of the space as it attracts a lot of attention, both in a good and bad way. It is a strategic element that will bring you a lot of potential. You can achieve a lot by putting your money into a countertop replacement. 



Ensuring the space has quick and easy access between the sink, fridge and cooktop (known as the kitchen triangle or the three-zone kitchen) will make it more efficient and attractive. Improving storage space by substituting old and often limited to cupboards, with smart solutions to leverage the most out of the space, can improve the ambience and even make the space look larger.


Replace the splashback

Kitchen splashbacks have become a meaningful part of kitchen planning. More than that, a lot of the kitchen’s design itself is based on what type and style of kitchen splashback have been chosen. See what is trending in 2022.

Investing in kitchen splashbacks is a great idea as they are crucial for preventing the plaster wall from being exposed to humidity, which can turn into mould, and end up requiring constant repair.


New hardware and cupboard doors

Even though kitchens are becoming smaller and smaller they still require a lot of equipment and household items. Bespoke kitchen joinery gives you the opportunity to optimise space and storage and it is what gives the neat finishing people desire. 

Custom cabinets could be the most expensive part when planning a kitchen renovation, but you can also think from an economical perspective by opting to renovate and repaint cabinets you already have, leaving the bigger investment for new cupboard doors.


Update the finishings

Details such as handles, kitchen tap, cooktops, ranges, and ovens amongst other equipment can play an important role in providing that aesthetic look to your kitchen. It is valid to consider that kitchens need to be prepared for all the appliances, which requires a well planned layout.

A well-programmed and executed kitchen can boost the harmony of your home, both for you and for any visitors to your home. Therefore, you should think very carefully when planning a kitchen for your home. It is one of the most important places in the house and requires maximum attention.

Need help planning your kitchen renovation? We’ve helped countless Sydney homeowners to transform their spaces, combining the latest trends with timeless design principles for a result that will look good for years to come. We’d love to help you, too. Get in touch now!


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