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Kitchen Renovations for Your Property in Central Coast, NSW

Affordable Kitchen Renovations In Sydney & Newcastle

We don’t just renovate your kitchen, but transform it into a living area that everyone would want to spend their time in. Our expert and professional team guarantees timely, convenient and personalised kitchen renovations. Sydney and Newcastle are our main client locations, but we have the capacity to serve further destinations.

Our renovation service is designed to improve the appearance, ease of use, value and many other aspects of your kitchen.


Top quality renovations for a kitchen will always create a well-organised and highly efficient cooking/ dining space. We always achieve this in every single remodelling project. This enhances work flow in your kitchen and reduces cooking time (old kitchens normally force you to walk 7 steps from one counter to the other, but new designs reduce this by half, hence cutting your cooking time by 20 minutes).

Efficiency is achieved through a combination of various features, including: good design, proper zoning of different areas, lighting and ventilation, as well as appropriate safety features. Most of all, installing more efficient appliances will ensure that your operational costs are significantly reduced. For example, a convection oven can reduce energy use by 30%.

Our team of experts possesses long term experience in developing highly efficient cooking spaces, while constantly keeping up-to-date with new innovations within the industry.

Low Maintenance

Investment in any remodelling project will definitely be worthless if it leads to hefty recurring costs. We are keenly aware of this fact; therefore, we only install the highest quality materials during kitchen renovations.

Some of the high quality materials bearing little maintenance costs include counters that don’t absorb cooking ingredients, hence reducing the chances of bacterial infestation. We also apply innovative and highly durable materials in flooring, counter tops and walls. These need very little maintenance – you can simply wipe to keep them clean – no need for rigorous scrubbing and mopping each time you cook.

We understand that the true value of any kitchen remodel is determined by its long term use. Therefore, we guarantee long lasting results.

Property Value:

Our professional remodelling team always offers dedicated and top-quality service to every client. Whether you intend to live in, sell or rent out your house, we always ensure that the remodel on your cooking space adds value to your property.

Remodelling costs can be viewed as a worthwhile investment. An average renovation involving cook tops, ovens, range hoods and dishwashers has the potential of giving returns of approximately $1,000 worth of depreciation deductions every year, during the first 5 years.

Highly Customised

No two people will ever have exactly the same preferences on the design of their cooking spaces. Therefore, we always accommodate your kitchen renovation ideas during the project. Based on our professional expertise, we help you achieve your personal vision.

You might simply want a particular set of appliances, a specific cabinet design, extra storage space or any other preferences you may have. Our expert designers discuss with you the best possible options to achieve such personal tastes.

No idea is ever too wild or crazy. Feel free to share your personal suggestions with us so that we can create a personal space that reflects your true character and makes you feel truly at home.

How Much Will It Cost?

Each kitchen renovation cost depends on the extent of reconstruction. Various aspects that will determine cost include: materials used in renovation, type of appliances installed, size of renovated space, remodelling of utilities, among other considerations.

Generally, the cost of renovation would range between 4% – 6% of your property value.

For stellar design in the Central Coast, contact us

All these important aspects are carefully incorporated into the planning and implementation of our kitchen renovations. Newcastle, Sydney and Central Coast, NSW home owners can be assured that we’ll transform boring and cumbersome kitchens into places they’ll love to spend time in.

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