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Kitchen Resolutions We Promise to Uphold in 2019

The year is already in full swing, and with many of us well and truly back at work, the summer holidays have come to an abrupt halt. That means only one thing – life is getting busy again, and we’re dedicating less and less time to everyday chores at home.

While you’re flitting between appointments, shuttling the children between after school activities, or completing endless stacks of work, it can be calming to know you have a sparkling clean kitchen to come home to. Not only does it make meal prep easier, but a tidy kitchen provides a welcoming space to invite family, friends and neighbours into.

So let’s make some kitchen resolutions for 2019 – and stick to them. Here’s our list of our favourite goals for the year.

Clean before you go to bed

We get it – sometimes the very last thing you want to do each night is give your kitchen a deep clean. But making a conscious decision to tidy up your kitchen before bed gives you a clean slate for the next morning, and helps keep the dreaded kitchen clutter under control. 

Put away everything you’ve taken out of cupboards and drawers, stack the dishwasher, and clear away papers and receipts. That way when you come down the next morning (running late for work) you won’t be faced with a calamity of a kitchen to battle against.


Create a look you love

Many people buy a home, unhappy with the kitchen, and keep stalling on their dream kitchen renovation. It’s never the right time, they say – we’ll just do it later.

Make 2019 the year you embrace your dreams and create a look you love in the most-used room of your home. Browse social media and design magazines for inspiration and ignite your interest – it’s never too late to build a beautiful kitchen and finally get the design you’ve been dreaming of.

Only hold on to items you love to use

Every householder is likely to have a secret drawer, where they stash mountains of underused utensils and single-use gadgets that never see the light of day. Think about what you really use in your day-to-day cooking and keep only that which is useful.

For example – the pasta maker you bought on a whim? Unless you’re dedicated to honing the craft, chances are you’re not going to use it very much. Sell it, or gift it to a relative who dreams of perfecting their pappardelle.

Find a home for everything

We’ve been there too – you’re at a crucial stage in the recipe you’re making and you need some sumac. Stat. You dig around in your pantry where some of the spices are – but no luck. Recipe ruined?

Not so fast. Create a designated space for everything in your kitchen and you’ll find the last-minute scramble to locate the ingredients, utensils, and equipment you need. Use boxes, crates, dividers and racks to design your organisational system, and make cooking a breeze.

These are just some of the healthy kitchen habits we’re striving to uphold in 2019.

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