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Kitchen Resolutions We Promise to Uphold in 2022

With the beginning of a new year comes a chance to start afresh and to establish the habits and routines that we’d like to carry with us throughout the year. 

While we often think of resolutions related to exercise or eating, January is also a great time to harness all your motivation and direct it towards your kitchen. Many kitchens in Sydney could end up feeling brand new, just with a little bit of elbow grease and discipline once that motivation wears off! 

If keeping your kitchen organised is on the to-do list for 2022, here are our kitchen resolutions for the year that you might actually stick with.


Keep your kitchen sanitised 

One positive we’ve taken from the last two years – cleanliness in our homes is now non-negotiable. Keeping surfaces wiped down and sanitised isn’t just part of keeping your kitchen tidy, it’s also an important habit to keep up for the health of your family and guests. 

Set up a cleaning station underneath your sink (or in another easily accessible area) and make sure everyone in your family is familiar with where they can find the cleaning supplies. 

Make it a part of your routine to bring out the sanitiser after you finish meal prep; wipe down the stove after you’ve cooked and once everyone has cleared the plates from the table. 

Not only will you get used to the process, but you’ll come to appreciate having clean (and safe!) surfaces all the time. 


Reorganise regularly 

Cluttered cabinets can quickly become that one item on your to-do list that you keep putting off. Knowing the mess that awaits you on the other side of those cabinet doors, it’s easy to keep your kitchen clutter out of sight and out of mind. 

Making time every other month to reorganise your pantry, drawers, fridge and cabinets in your kitchen in Sydney will help to prevent clutter from truly forming, giving you a chance to organise according to season (for example, putting your entertaining serving ware and extra crockery on a higher shelf once summer’s over) and how you cook (realising your cling film and foil are better kept in a drawer where they’re accessible rather than in the pantry). 


Are you already running out of storage space in your kitchen? A clever renovation can help you to make the most of your space, and update the look and feel of your kitchen while you’re at it! Download our eBook for design trends and tips, and be inspired to update your kitchen in 2022. 


Make a date to declutter 

This should become a part of your reorganising routine, but make sure everything in your kitchen deserves its place – and if not, rehome it somewhere it will get more use. 

One of the most common culprits of clutter is unused items, that we’ve kept for sentimental reasons or simply because we haven’t stopped to consider whether we actually use that utensil or mug – it’s in the cupboard, so we keep it. 

Consider creating a drawer or tub where items you’re unsure about can live. If by the time of your next declutter, you haven’t used that particular item? Chances are, you never will – that’s its cue to go. 


Stay sustainable 

One of the biggest drivers of waste in Australia is food. The average household will throw one in five shopping bags of groceries they buy in the bin – so addressing the waste in your own kitchen in Sydney is a great resolution for 2022. 

Decant ingredients wherever possible and use a first in, first out system to reduce food waste. Try to plan meals in advance and use a core set of ingredients, so you aren’t buying ingredients only to use them once that week. 

Swapping out your single-use plastics, kitchen wipes and cling-wrap to more sustainable options will also help to reduce your family’s footprint on the environment. 


Resolving to finally make that talk of a kitchen renovation a reality in 2022? January is a great time to discuss your project with our team, before the year becomes too busy. Get in touch with us to discuss your renovation and receive a no-obligation quote for your new kitchen in Sydney.
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