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Kitchen Spring Clean Checklist

Spring is synonymous with fresh starts and new beginnings, and this goes for your kitchen, too! With so much time being spent at home these days, it’s more important than ever to have a clean and clutter-free space. Plus, if a renovation is on the horizon, a spring clean will help to prepare your home for the process. 

If you need a little help to get started, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our checklist to help you tackle a spring clean for your kitchen in Sydney



Pantries are one of the most accessed spaces in your kitchen, and therefore most prone to becoming messy and cluttered. 

With much of its mess concealed behind closed doors, the pantry is often a case of what is out of sight is out of mind. Cleaning your pantry will allow you to reclaim precious storage space and enable you to access what you need, faster. 

Start by taking everything out of the pantry and identify what can be discarded – whether something’s past its used-by date, or you just don’t have a use for it anymore. 

After you’ve culled your pantry contents, group your items by category; e.g. group all your baking ingredients together, as it’s likely you’ll be using several items from this category at once. This makes it easy and convenient to find what you’re looking for when you need it. 

Next, invest some time into cleaning the inside of the pantry including the doors, the handles and underneath each shelf. You might want to take this chance to line the shelves with a material that will prevent products from leaking or sticking to the surface. 

Once the insides of the pantry have been thoroughly cleaned, strategically place items back inside the pantry starting with items you use the least followed by items you use the most.



Like the pantry, drawers also have a tendency to easily become cluttered and disorganised. 

Start your spring cleaning by taking everything out of the drawers and assess what you do and do not need. Scratched pots and half-broken utensils can be thrown out. 

While you’ve got everything out of the drawers, clean the utensils, appliances and cooking ware and then the insides of the drawers. Anything you see two of that you do not need, set aside to donate or give to a friend or family member.   

Invest in some drawer organising dividers to make sure your reorganised drawers stay tidy. The beauty of drawer dividers is the combinations are endlessly customisable, plus the time you save having everything in its place and easy to find will pay off in droves. 



The benches of your kitchen in Sydney are prone to clutter, whether that’s with appliances and decor or letters, house keys and homework. 

Give yourself a clean slate by removing everything from all kitchen surfaces including canisters, chopping boards and toasters, and complete a thorough wipe down of all external surfaces. 

Clean out your appliances, including the toaster and coffee machine. Don’t forget the inside of the microwave, and remember to wipe down the kitchen splashbacks.

Once everything has had a deep clean, assess what can go into drawers and the pantry to minimise the chance of clutter resurfacing. 

Create a home for your life admin paperwork and house keys so that they stop cluttering the kitchen bench – you’ll thank yourself for it down the track. 

Once your kitchen is all clean and organised, do your best to keep it that way – it will be much quicker than undergoing a deep clean from start to finish, and a clean kitchen can help with mental clutter, too. Make sure everyone in your household pitches in to keep your kitchen tidy. 


If you find clutter and disorganisation persisting in your kitchen, then a renovation could be in order. Our team can help you to maximise storage and create a layout that brings some much-needed functionality into the space. Start your journey by booking a consultation with us here. 
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