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Kitchen Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Your kitchen renovation is an exciting time, because it means the space you have is receiving a facelift, bringing it into vogue and increasing its functionality. Whilst you want to create a kitchen that’s stylish and emulates the latest trends well, it’s also important to pay close attention to elements that are in fashion, but aren’t likely to lose their appeal in the space of a few years.

A kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive renovation projects you’ll complete in your home, meaning it’s not something you want to be doing too often. Bearing this in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite trending kitchen design elements for the new year, paying close attention to those you’ll get a few more years from. 


Classic Charm

Modern minimalist has had its moment. The kitchens of 2021 and beyond are all about tapping into the classic charm of a vintage-inspired kitchen. The trend won’t be totally Gatsby-esque. Think sophisticated, laid-back kitchens with clean lines, light colour palettes and natural textures. Raw wooden floors, white panelled walls and cupboards with touches of opulent brass or matte black accents make a design set to stand the test of time. Dress your kitchen up with rattan or wicker furniture to buy into 2021 trends in a less permanent way. 



A stalwart of kitchen design for many years, marble is, of course, predicted to trend in 2021 and for years to come, making it a very safe investment. Known for its high-end, luxe appearance, marble is popular as it has the ability to elevate any space. No two pieces of marble are ever the same, so even though you may have the same type of marble as others, yours will always be unique. 

The only real barrier to entry for marble is the cost. A new custom kitchen is a big undertaking, and despite its obvious appeal, many homeowners won’t be able to justify the price tag. The good news is most kitchen suppliers will have a low-cost alternative like quartz, which can have the same effect. 


Dark timber

Light, natural timber tones have enjoyed a prolonged renaissance recently, thanks in large part to Scandinavian design influence. It’s no wonder then, that for 2021 the pendulum should swing in the opposite direction. The appeal of dark timber lies in its versatility. Dark timbers are suited to any number of design styles, from kitchens with refined country charm to the contemporary and industrial.

Dark timber, by nature, is quite heavy. Making smart design choices in other areas will work to offset the impact of the dark timber in your kitchen. The weight of dark timber means it is best suited closer to the ground. For example, dark flooring can look beautiful when paired with white cabinetry. Alternatively, opt for chocolate brown for your lower cabinets, and an off-white above. 


Brass accents

Brass is back! Brass is a great accent material for kitchens, as it can be used across a host of areas like tapware, sinks, handles, knobs and lighting. For your kitchen renovation, you want to avoid overdoing it and pairing brass accessories with bright, gaudy colours. Brass is a great way to dress up any space as it creates an immediate focal point, and for this reason it should be used against a neutral colour palette. Brass is a high-quality material that will wear well, and looks beautiful against an all-black kitchen for an old glamour vibe, or shades of white with marble for an upscale, bright feel. 

Brass works as a textural contrast against plain white or black kitchens, breaking up monotony and inviting a sense of warmth and sophistication. For these reasons, it’s clear why brass makes a sound investment in your custom kitchen for 2021 and beyond.  

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