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Kitchen Trends For 2023

The top kitchen trends for 2023 can be a minefield of ideas and layouts. We talked to Apollo Kitchens specialists to find out which kitchen trends will be popular in 2023.

There are a plethora of on-trend aesthetics and cutting-edge appliances to choose from, and kitchen retailers across the country are showcasing creative design concepts and inventive takes on appliance designs.

Read on to learn about trends that are predicted to persist in the coming years, whether you are certain of what you want or are still debating your options and in need of some inspiration.

Warm colours for the kitchen

It takes a lot of dedication to select a colour scheme for your kitchen design. Since the entire family uses the kitchen on a daily basis, changing the colour occasionally is more difficult and time-consuming than, say, remodelling or painting a bedroom or living room, which can usually be finished in a few hours.

Warm hues, such as blazing reds and oranges, cherry yellows, and cosy neutrals, take the cold off a kitchen’s polished surfaces and may be mixed in a variety of ways to fit any decorating taste.

To make a warm, inviting kitchen, combine two or more warm colours. To create a beachy-chic palette, balance hot, spicy colours with cool blues and soft neutrals. The options are practically unlimited when it comes to selecting warm colour schemes for your kitchen.

Kitchen paint colour trends might be a fantastic place to start if you want to modernise your kitchen but aren’t sure what colour to use. Raspberry Blush, a vivid hue of coral with pink overtones, has been selected as the Benjamin Moore Pantone Color of the Year for 2023.

Smart technology

There is no denying that modern technology has an enormous impact on our lives. Although human culinary prowess is constantly improving, it’s safe to say that technology has made us “smarter” than ever.

We quickly change how we prepare, cook, and store food as new technology enters the market. The most visible examples are ovens and freezers, where advancements are currently occuring at a rapid pace.

Smartphones have given us access to a wealth of information and recipes. They can also direct us to the nearest store that is likely to have the item we need. We can use apps to organise our grocery lists, plan our weekly meals, and establish healthy eating habits.

Some toasters can now defrost and reheat meals in addition to toasting, and smart kettles and other appliances can start working when you press a button on an app on your smartphone. Most modern refrigerators and freezers have frost-free and auto-defrost modes. 

Now that convection technology is available, certain microwaves can be used as ovens and can grill and thaw food. Or you can do it all with Multifunctional Digital Air Fryers. It is a versatile product that can be used as an air fryer, rotisserie spit, oven, and dehydrator, making it ideal for nearly any quick cooking or baking task. Smart appliances have been the most popular post-pandemic kitchen trend.

If technology makes your eyes sparkle, you can still incorporate it into a traditional kitchen design concept. You don’t have to have a modern or contemporary kitchen design to incorporate smart technology. Elements such as kitchen materials, floorplan, windows, layout, and others are what truly distinguish the kitchen design style. You can learn more about the differences between traditional and modern kitchen designs here

Butler pantries

A butler pantry is viewed more as an extension of the kitchen with space for storage and a countertop as opposed to a walk-in pantry, which is typically used to store many things naturally behind a closed door.

In contrast to a walk-in pantry, which is typically used to store many things naturally behind a closed door, a butler pantry is viewed as an extension of the kitchen with storage and a countertop. A butler’s kitchen, in addition to the extra workspace, can include a sink and space for additional appliances. What a diverse set of skills!

See our Butler’s Pantries & Kitchen Cabinets Guide to help you incorporate this design feature into your kitchen renovation.

When planning your kitchen renovation, consider what you value the most and use your butler pantry to that end. It could be a coffee bar, a wine bar, a baking station, a breakfast nook, a meal prep area, a place to keep a mini fridge, a stage to display beautiful Smeg kitchenware, or just about anything else.

Slab splashbacks

A solid slab backsplash is a custom look that says luxury in any size kitchen without breaking the bank.

A backsplash constructed of a single, continuous material is known as a slab backsplash. The solid surface has a different visual appearance than traditional tiles. When paired with the countertop, it creates a particularly large, bold appearance. 

Because of its simplicity, the slab backsplash is a must-have in many modern or transitional kitchens. The material you choose is determined by your preferences and how you use your kitchen, as some materials are more durable than others.

The slab can be matched to the counter and island or used as a stand-alone feature when combined with simpler materials for the other surfaces.

Large marble slabs are one of the hottest upcoming kitchen trends. This trend is unique because, in contrast to the typical marble tiles, utilising marble slabs gives your kitchen a rich appearance and elevates its style. See some of the pros and cons of kitchen materials for kitchen splashback to determine which style is best for your needs.

Organic elements

Bringing nature indoors has been a significant trend in recent years, and this is predicted to continue through 2023 and beyond. Whether you want an urban, modern, or rustic look, incorporating organic elements into the kitchen design will give your home an organic appeal and a pleasant, serene atmosphere.

Wood is the most widely used and preferred natural material because it is extremely versatile and easy to incorporate into any setting, particularly a kitchen. It can be used as a decoration, utensil, or piece of furniture.

Another very common natural material that can be used in your walls, splashbacks, and kitchen decor is stone. Making your kitchen feel natural and easy on the eyes won’t be difficult if you know what you like and what you want to achieve, from the colour palette and natural materials you use to bringing in plants and lots of natural light.

Always keep in mind how to increase the amount of natural light in your kitchen; this is a highly prized organic element that comes as a result of excellent and thoughtful kitchen design. Natural light will make the room appear larger, brighter, and more alive. It will also bring out the interior’s colours and furniture and highlight any existing natural features that you employed in your design.


No matter which kitchen trend you choose to follow, the experts at Apollo Kitchens can provide you with excellent advice throughout your kitchen remodel so you can achieve your dreams.

We’ll go over the steps and your design options, so you can get the perfect kitchen renovation for much less than you think.

We are happy to assist you with your decision at every stage. Please contact us right away or stop by one of our showrooms in Sydney, Western Sydney, the Central Coast, or Newcastle.

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