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Get Smart: 5 Key Innovations in Kitchen Tech

With the rise of technological innovation, our devices are becoming smaller, smarter and more useful – and nowhere is this more apparent than in the kitchen. While some inventions may seem like useless gadgets, others promise to make our lives more efficient by giving home chefs a way to enjoy life and delicious food without spending hours in the kitchen.

At Apollo Kitchens, we handpick technology from our partner kitchen suppliers, and incorporate new innovations into every design. Not only does this make your kitchen more stylish, but it will remain more functional for years to come.

Here are some of our favourite pieces of large and small kitchen technology.

Large appliances

When you’re building or renovating, there are several innovative options to choose from when it comes to your kitchen. Including a few choice electronics in your kitchen’s layout means you’ll be cooking smarter for years to come.

Precision cooking with a clever stovetop

More than just a statement piece, an induction cooktop gives you the ultimate in cooking precision. The sleek surface heats up considerably faster than more traditional gas or electric stoves and gives you more control over how you cook. An induction cooktop uses technology that heats only the custom-designed pots and pans, and not the surface of the cooker itself. This provides your food with a consistent heat, while ensuring the cooktop remains cool-to-the-touch.

Your fridge has never been smarter

While you might know the smart fridge as yet another device to surf the internet, it’s actually much more than that. A smart fridge puts you in complete control over its contents so you can monitor expiry dates, finetune temperatures and more while on the go. Even better, modern smart fridges are often equipped with technology that adjusts temperatures throughout the day, so your appliance doesn’t use excess energy when it doesn’t have to. Now that’s good for your energy bill and the environment.

Smaller gadgets

If your budget is slightly smaller – or you want to make a couple of quick updates to your kitchen – these small innovations may pique your interest.

Sous vide without stress

Sous vide used to be a delicate balancing act and an exercise in watching the thermometer to keep the temperature perfect. The method of vacuum-sealed cooking produces tasty results, but for many casual cooks, the process seemed like too much effort.

This is the case no longer, with the range of sous vide machines that basically do the job for you from start to finish. From perfectly vacuum sealing your meat to keeping the water temperature at a consistently perfect level, sous vide machines are a home chef’s dream of making a complex task easy.

Ferment to your heart’s content

The hottest topic on any healthy foodie’s lips right now is fermentation – and although it is only now enjoying its time in the spotlight, this cooking process has been around for centuries.

Previously fermenting kimchi, sauerkraut or kombucha meant you needed to juggle cumbersome jars, detailed time planners and specialised ingredients to get things just right. Now, you can let technology do (most) of the work for you.

Big or small, these appliances and gadgets are valuable additions to any well-designed kitchen. We work with you to incorporate the best technology for your lifestyle. By partnering with top Australian and international suppliers, we help you complete your perfect, innovative kitchen with a great standard of service. To learn more about our services and how we can use technology and smart design to make your kitchen more functional than ever, contact us today.

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