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The Biggest Design Trends in 2018 So Far

Like any creative field, interior design has a unique set of trends that emerge every year and set the course for new designs. While we at Apollo Kitchens tend to draw from a classic lookbook of styles, we’re also privy to the latest trends and innovations in interior design. We love to incorporate elements of old and new into clients’ projects.

So what have the biggest design trends of 2018 been so far? We take a look back on the last six months to see what’s happened so far.

Natural elements

This year has seen a huge rise in the number of designs that incorporate natural elements, whether that’s in the visible wood grain of benches and cupboards, or the rich, earthy colour palettes. Indoor plants have also made a comeback with fiddle leaf ferns, monstera, rubber trees and hanging baskets providing an organic backdrop.

Clean lines

Some years, designers incorporate bold, fussy elements into their designs; but in 2018, the trend has been towards crisp lines and simple-yet-striking features. Lines and corners are easy to interpret and are elegant enough that they don’t distract the eye. Designers use as few materials and colours as possible to achieve a beautiful effect or use one centrepiece object to capture attention.

Handmade additions

We humans love items that tell a story, and with the shift away from consumerism towards minimalism, it’s clear that this rule applies even to our homewares. Designers and design enthusiasts have begun to scour markets for local and independent homewares to add to their collections; not only does this support local makers, but it gives the homeowner a one-off or handmade piece they can treasure.

Warm colours  

While the colour palette of 2018 is slightly muted and easy on the eye, it’s also warmer than in previous years, where cool Scandinavian interiors graced our magazine covers. Now, red- and pink-based hues are increasingly more popular, as they give the whole home an inviting look and feel.

Statement features

Long-gone are the days of a painted feature wall; now, features are bigger, better and more beautiful – and they’re in unexpected places. From an interesting door to a gorgeous light fixture above the kitchen countertop.

Quality over quantity

People are investing more than ever in a few key, quality items for their home. Rather than renovating everything at once – but ending up with something that doesn’t quite meet expectations – homeowners are choosing to spend on items and designs they’ll truly love. Whether this is a beautiful terrazzo floor, a gorgeous tile sourced from overseas travels or something else entirely, people want to enjoy their homes for a long time.

This way, they’ll love their new designs for a lifetime.

Speak to the interior design experts at Apollo Kitchens to find out how you can incorporate 2018’s latest design trends into your home. With services to meet every aspect of a new or redesigned kitchen, you can contact us today to learn how Apollo Kitchens can bring modern and practical style to your kitchen, or visit our showrooms to see our designs come to life.

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