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Hosting Christmas Lunch – Your Checklist

When the weather warms up and the festive decorations come out, it signals not only the start of Christmas – but also of entertaining season. Having people over to share a celebratory meal – or committing to host on Christmas Day itself – is one of our favourite things to do. Particularly when you have a new or recently renovated kitchen, you want to use it to its full potential!

If you’ve volunteered to host a meal on Christmas Day, there are a few things to check off to ensure the day runs smoothly and that your guests have a great time – and a great feed.

Be Wise With Your Time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you should be enjoying the time with family and friends that Christmas brings. Some time-saving tips include:

  • Heading out to the supermarket now to avoid the last-minute rush closer to Christmas
  • Consider which items on your menu can be pre-made or store-bought – your guests would rather spend time with you on Christmas than catch glances as you dash in and out of the kitchen
  • Get together items for a grazing platter and table nibbles that make for a no-fuss starter
  • Ask your guests to bring a salad or dessert to share the Christmas spirit (and lighten your load)
  • Create a drinks station – this not only gives your guests a chance to catch up over pouring their drinks, but frees up time for you


Deck the Halls

You’ve likely already put up your decorations throughout the house, but it’s time to give your dining area (and kitchen, if you fancy!) a dose of Christmas spirit.

If you like to keep it no-fuss, some napkins in Christmas colours or a vase filled with baubles as a centrepiece can be enough to set the tone. Don’t forget the token Christmas crackers!

Get the kids on board to help you give these areas a good clean, too.


Have a Loose Time Frame

Christmas Day is certainly not the time to be fussy about a schedule, but having a loose timeline of the day will help you feel more organised.

You’ve already told everyone when to come over – work out when you want to serve food, and work backwards from there in terms of your preparation.

Set a rough time for gift exchanges too, if this is something your family participates in – and don’t forget to factor in time for clean-up and dishes after lunch.


Ultimately, Christmas is about enjoying the day with your loved ones and being thankful for the opportunity to do so. Keep this in mind next week and your Christmas is sure to be a success.

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