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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clutter Free

The saying goes that the kitchen is the heart of the home – and as such, it tends to be a hub for the family’s clutter.

Mail, keys, magazines, dishes – they all seem to find a home on the bench. Add in your appliances and decor, and your once-spacious kitchen quickly feels cramped and cluttered.

Keeping your kitchen clear and organised is an ongoing process, but here are a few little kitchen organisation ideas to incorporate into your routine which will have a big impact on clutter in your space.

Keep Your Benchtop Clear

This may be easier said than done, but starting out with a clear benchtop makes it a lot easier to keep it that way.

Create a designated space in your house for the mail and keys that are usually dropped on the bench, and relocate small appliances to the pantry or a cupboard. Whatever’s left on your benchtop should be an essential tool for your daily cooking.


Invest in Cupboards

As great as open shelving can look in a kitchen, it’s also a commitment to keeping your things constantly neat. Kitchen cupboard organisation could be the answer to your storage troubles.

Cupboards not only conceal any disorganisation in your kitchen, but they help to establish ‘homes’ for things – helping you keep your kitchen organised and making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re finding that your kitchen storage no longer meets your needs, a renovation may be the answer to your clutter woes. Visit an Apollo Kitchens showroom and talk to our team about your storage options.

Regularly Review Your Cupboards & Drawers

We all hoard items that we might use ‘one day,’ but how often does that day ever come? Kitchen drawer organisation is a great strategy to implement, but it’s just as important to keep on top of with regular reviews.

Commit to pulling out your utensils, pots, pans and containers every now and then to assess whether they’re things you actually use – or if they’re just taking up space.

You’ll be amazed at how much easier things are to find when you don’t have to rifle through years’ worth of accumulated odds and ends.

Clean As You Go

Moving dirty dishes to the side while cooking or leaving the groceries on the bench to put away later may seem like the easier options, but this creates additional work for yourself later.

Try to get in the habit of putting things where they’re supposed to go, the first time. Putting ingredients back into the pantry, used plates into the dishwasher or appliances back away into the cupboard once you’ve used them are all little things you can do to maintain your kitchen organisation even while you’re using it.


Reset At the End of the Day

Before leaving the kitchen for the night, ensure that it’s been reset to its original state.

Putting everything back into its home and ensuring whatever doesn’t belong has been moved out will set you up for the next day, and make keeping your kitchen organised a much more manageable task.

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