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The Kitchen Habits We’re Sticking to in 2020

Whether you’ve just finished a kitchen renovation or are looking to revamp the old one, you’ll want to kick start your year with efficient kitchen habits. The following tips will help you save time and keep your new kitchen design looking sparkling clean.


Clean as you go

After spending a good hour labouring over a feast, the last thing you want to do is spend another hour cleaning up after yourself. All it takes is a bit of mindfulness to clean as you go, and you’ll save yourself hours of post-dinner clean-up time. Simply wipe kitchen joinery and benches while waiting for food to cook, or get a partner to wash while you stir.  


Minimise elbow grease

If you really don’t feel like doing the dishes after dinner, give your pots and pans a rinse before leaving them out overnight. Minus the dried and crusted food, you’ll find them much easier to scrub in the morning.


Be dishwasher friendly

Apply the same principles above to the crockery you put in the dishwasher. Always scrape leftovers into the bin, then rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Your plates will come out spotless, preventing the need to run them through again, plus you’ll avoid clogging your dishwasher filter and drains.


Actually use green bags, don’t just buy them

Do you find your kitchen cupboards replete with green bags, yet never have any on hand at the shops? Not only does this cost you money and fail to help the environment, it also makes your kitchen look messy. After unloading your groceries in the kitchen, remember to return green bags to the car, or fold up a small reusable bag that you can keep in your backpack or purse.


Start composting

Composting is such a good habit because it is a sustainable practice and gives you free nutrition for your plants. Instead of putting food scraps in with landfill, put them in a separate bin which you can later empty in the garden compost. A food scraps bin doesn’t have to clash with your kitchen design, as you can discreetly hide it inside a cabinet.


The simple changes above are easy to make, yet have fantastic benefits. By cultivating good kitchen habits, you can keep your kitchen renovation and kitchen joinery looking new for many years to come. 


Is 2020 the year your kitchen renovation ideas come to life? Start by speaking to one of our experienced kitchen specialists today.

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