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Thinking Beyond the Trend: Creative Kitchen Designs that Last

We have all experienced the horror of looking back at photo albums, mortified at fashion choices that were, at some point, right on trend, and thinking ‘thank goodness that’s over’. Thanks to social media trend cycles have moved into warp speed, and fast fashion has moved to keep up. But while we can ditch the clothes and replace a wardrobe in the vain hope of staying ahead of the crowd… replacing a kitchen that was once a trend trailblazer is not as easy.

The trend trap

Think back to the kitchen desk. What was once considered a smart way to integrate family living and functionality, in a number of cases it is underutilised and eventually it is hard to convert without a significant space remodel.

While interior decorating magazines and Pinterest are undoubtedly invaluable for design inspiration, they also have a lot to answer for. Even if you are not planning to resell your property any time soon, being stuck with a kitchen whose design lifestyle is limited at best can be costly and stressful.

The good news is there are a few easy tricks to creating a kitchen design that ticks the trend box without costing you a fortune to update.

Master the Minimalism

Trawl through Pinterest for modern kitchens and uncluttered spaces are guaranteed to take over your screen. Almost every style of design has taken up the art of minimalism, from industrial and ultra-modern, to sleek Scandinavian and country chic, the minimalist concept has been whole heartedly embraced. Early converts tried to cut down the kitchen by shrinking work surfaces and joinery, and doing away with any unnecessary visual appliances. While the result is ultra-sleek, functionality can be the victim of this trend.

  • Use Smart Storage

Instead of simply not having appliances or suffering a lack of storage, consult a designer and figure out how best to incorporate storage spaces that can be easily pulled out for use, and then hidden again. There is a huge range of ingenious storage and design solutions available, from built in fruit and veg baskets to bin and recycling solutions. Also, consider smooth, flat surface joinery to take the sleek look even further.

  • Seamless Surfaces

Again, early adopters of the minimalist look cut clutter by cutting the surface sizes of kitchen worktops, only to later end up with a headache when actually trying to prepare a meal or hosting dinner parties. Instead of sacrificing surface space, choose monotone surfaces without excessive visible joinery to create the impression of space.

Create Living Areas with Longevity

It is increasingly rare to find a property with separate living and kitchen area, at least as the main hub of home activity. When it comes to balancing the design of your living and kitchen areas, plenty of people fall into the trap of sacrificing kitchen space in favour of larger, luxurious living areas. While this might suit some but not all. Largely, instead of killing the kitchen to save the lounge room, choose flooring that will integrate with your living space, ideally with a singular flow through material to create the impression of extra space.

Have Fun with Fittings

One of the easiest ways to stay current with design trends without suffering through remodelling is to play with your fittings. In your initial designs choose fittings that enhance a classic, neutral space to bring style to your kitchen, while making sure you can swap them later on without major work. Down the line, you will be able to give your entire kitchen a trend makeover by changing light features, tapware, cabinet hardware and then accessorise for an easy facelift that won’t cost the bank.

Get Crafty with Colours

Similar to fittings, different colours come in and out of trend in the blink of an eye and have the ability to date a kitchen within a matter of years. If you have the means, time and patience to replace coloured cabinetry, then the colour trend is all yours. Alternatively, by again choosing smart cabinetry and surface designs, then adding colour with a painted feature wall and bold accessories, you can quickly adapt to trends with an inexpensive lick of paint and trip to a homewares store.

The takeaway of creative kitchen designs that go the distance is to create a classic foundation, then add your chosen trends in the most functional, versatile way possible.

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