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Why You Should Visit a Showroom Before Renovating Your Kitchen

With an abundance of renovation shows on television paired with dedicated Instagrams, YouTube channels and Pinterest, there’s never been more inspiration when it comes to kitchen design. 

Incorporating these ideas into your own renovation, however, can be a lot more difficult than it looks on TV. 

Done correctly, a kitchen renovation can add tens of thousands of dollars of value to your home and transform how you use the space. As a significant investment, your renovation is a project that will benefit from professional input – particularly at the planning stage. 

Visiting a kitchen showroom in Sydney is a must-do for anyone seriously considering a kitchen renovation – here’s why. 


Get professional advice

For first-time renovators, the process can seem overwhelming. There are lots of little known elements that, if not accounted for, can add thousands of dollars in unexpected costs to your project. 

Unless you have industry experience, we recommend speaking to a team of professional designers and project managers at a local kitchen showroom. They will assist you in selecting and designing the best kitchen cabinets and joinery for your home. 

The experts will listen to your ideas, needs and wants and provide a range of sustainable and realistic options for you – and your budget. This customised advice is something you cannot get from an online kitchen showroom or on Pinterest. 


Get hands-on

By visiting a kitchen showroom, you can see and touch the quality of the kitchen you are building. While 3D experiences online have become quite sophisticated, these can’t replicate the experience of feeling the finishes and textures of benchtops and cabinets, experiencing the functionality of the kitchen drawers, and testing the sturdiness of stones splashbacks and floorboards. 

Another benefit of visits to kitchen showrooms in Sydney is that they are completely free. You can visit as many times as you need to for the peace of mind that your layout, design and material choices are the right ones for your home. 


Get inspiration

Returning kitchen appliances of custom joinery is much harder than returning a pair of shoes. 

While shopping online has never been easier, this means that it’s also much easier to be led astray when it comes to purchasing materials for your renovation. 

Visiting a showroom allows you to essentially ‘try before you buy,’ and the design experts can walk you through the different options available. There may be some options you might not even be aware of, so visiting a showroom allows you to make an informed decision. 

Showrooms also have displays that let you visualise how different combinations of materials can come together for a cohesive kitchen design. You may find inspiration here, whether that be in looks or layout. The design specialists will give you advice on what’s achievable in your home and within your budget. 


Get a better price

Any successful kitchen renovation starts with a clear budget. A renovation is an expensive project, so it’s important to understand the costs involved. 

Visiting a kitchen showroom in Sydney can be helpful to understand the different elements involved with a renovation and how much you should allocate to each one.

The showroom team will show you options within your price range and help you find cheaper alternatives to achieve your desired look for less. They’ll also provide suggestions on ways to cut down costs wherever possible, so you can invest your spend in the areas where it counts.  


If you need expert advice for your home renovation, at Apollo Joinery Group, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us today for a free consultation. 
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