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Making a Personal Statement in Your Kitchen Design

As a new homeowner doing renovation research, it is easy for kitchens to all look the same. It is no wonder when they all share the same essentials such as a sink, a fridge and a stove. We all want our kitchens to be fully functional and timeless, but sometimes we forget that we can inject our personality into our kitchen design, and do so affordably.


Following these new kitchen ideas, you can customise your run of the mill kitchen design into a contemporary one that suits you. The best part is that many of these suggestions will not break the bank. Before you read on, view our portfolio of personalised kitchen designs to feed your kitchen design inspiration



Choosing or commissioning artwork for your home is incredibly personal yet exciting. You want to ensure that you love the piece you choose for as long as possible. Most people have a few pieces of art in their lounge room, however, they often neglect the idea of placing artwork in the kitchen. Doing so can completely transform the kitchen’s energy. Natural light coming through the kitchen windows will also accentuate the artwork and highlight its intricacies. Cooking is a creative activity, so why not use artwork to help you stay inspired throughout the week? Do a scan of the rest of the house for artwork that is in areas where it is not being appreciated and consider relocating it to the kitchen. 



Family memories

It is likely that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen with your family; cooking, eating, cleaning, and sharing stories from the day. You might like to have special photos developed into canvas artworks or simply frame photos and place them in open shelving along with other personal objects. Another idea for those who love to make use of recipes handed down by their grandparents and friends is creating an original cookbook. This can then be displayed as a featured coffee table book. 




What better way to remember your family members than to highlight the gifts that have been handed down to you in the space you frequent the most. Did you know that ‘Modern vintage’ is a new kitchen design trend? It has seen home designers incorporating pieces from antiquated eras with modern and contemporary kitchen designs. It is all about finding the right balance to ensure the heirloom does not look out of place or thrown into the kitchen out of sheer guilt.



Play around with tiles and colour

Kitchens are most often white or neutral in colour so getting creative with colour can transform your kitchen design from normal to contemporary. This does not mean painting every wall hot pink or reverting to the overdone oranges and olives from the 70’s. Colour can be added to skirting boards, window trims, light fittings or even by playing around with some original leadlight. Bright colours and patterns influence the tone of your kitchen and add contrast. Remember, nothing is ever permanent. Your kitchen design should reflect your favourite elements from the outside world. For example, if you have fond memories from London, you could mimic the subway tiles seen on the Tube as your splashback.  



Statement lighting

Lots of contemporary kitchen designs are making use of statement light fittings. This might be an art deco chandelier from your grandparents’ first house in the 1930s. If this is not to your taste you can install colour changing lighting, adaptable from green to pink to red at the click of a remote. 



Centre stage

Centred islands have had a comeback and are now embraced by contemporary kitchen owners across the globe. A centred kitchen island allows you to engage in more social interaction with your guests while you prepare, cook and pour. An island also adds additional storage space and room for seating so family and friends are always entertained and you are in good company while you cook.


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