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Making the Most of Your Open Plan Kitchen Design

Open plan kitchen designs work well for a number of reasons. They integrate living, cooking and dining areas, they create social cohesion within the home and they invite light into the space. Being that kitchens are now the true heart and hub of the home, it is important that the design of yours is well-optimised to ensure complete functionality and a seamless transition to the main living area. 


Designing an open plan kitchen should be relatively easy, given that most often they are designed in a galley style with a commanding central island. Despite this, we’ve put together a list of ways to best integrate your open kitchen into the rest of your home.


Use your island as a mid-way point

The island bench is the most popular addition to open-plan kitchens, and with good reason. It works as a mid-way point between the kitchen and the adjoining living space. It also creates more pathways in and out of the kitchen, which come in handy with kids or guests in the house.  Getting your island bench right is a matter of choosing materials that marry well with the design hallmarks of your living area and overall kitchen design, as well as ensuring it serves more than one purpose. 


Another important aspect of the island bench to get right is the size and functionality. Your island should be the right size to encourage friends and family to sit around it for more casual dining, or before meals. The kitchen island should also have some storage within it for your random items and appliances like slow cookers, blenders and baking utensils. 


Carefully select your colour scheme

With seemingly unobstructed views of the whole space, it is important to avoid cluttering your kitchen and living areas. To do this, the colour and material palette should be complementary to each other and the entire room. This will also mean your open kitchen plan will appear more harmonious and have a sense of flow. 


If the space you have for the kitchen is smaller than the living area, choosing materials in lighter hues like shades of white and grey will make the kitchen feel bigger and it will be easier to integrate with the rest of the room.


For counters and even splashbacks, natural stone is a wise choice. This is because, depending on the type you choose, it can play well into a minimalist kitchen design whilst also making a statement.


Integrate your kitchen appliances

Integrating your appliances within custom-built cabinetry creates a sense of calm and a seamless finish in your kitchen. Having things like your fridge, rangehood and dishwasher built in also means the eye is never drawn away from the features of the space, like a stone island bench, or a piece of art hanging in the living area. 

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