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Tips for Maximising Apartment Kitchens

With more and more apartment buildings popping up in inner-city areas comes any number of options for fitting out small kitchens. So often, the kitchens we see in apartments do not make the most of the space they are in. Compact kitchens require more thought-out, simple, and sensible choices when it comes to cabinetry and appliances. We’ve put together our tips for making the most of an apartment kitchen.

If you’ve got a galley-style kitchen

The galley, or corridor style kitchen is the most popular style for an enclosed apartment kitchen. The tighter space makes for a more ergonomically efficient workspace, and maximising wall space by running cabinetry to the ceiling reserves benchtops solely for food prep.

If the thought of upper cabinets seems claustrophobic, removing one portion and replacing it with open shelving for things like plates, bowls and mugs can open up the area.

Also to be considered is a light palette, as dark cabinetry can make the room feel dark and cramped.

One-wall layout

Most open-plan apartments call for a kitchenette-style design, laid out against one wall. This can mean the kitchen is destined for half the bench and storage space of a galley kitchen.

Again, floor to ceiling cabinetry is the best option here. Including a portable island bench, such as one on wheels, creates more space for preparation, and can be moved as required.

Integrating panel-ready appliances and matching them to the cabinets and benchtops makes the space look more cohesive and creates uniformity throughout both the living and kitchen areas.

Choose drawers over doors

Using drawers for under-bench storage ensures maximisation of cabinet space, not to mention easy access to whatever’s inside. Where cupboards often end up cluttered and unruly, having drawers for your pots, pans and crockery allows for neat storage.

Avoid heavy handles

Opting for cabinet doors with inset troughs, or with push-to-open hinges can not only have a visually appealing effect, but in small spaces it can mean your clothes have nothing to catch on.

Save space with your sink

An undermount sink maximises bench space, and allows for a flat draining area. A single inset is also an option, and can sometimes be sufficient in apartment kitchens.

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