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How to Maximise Space in a Smaller Kitchen

When you don’t have a lot of room to work with, creating a kitchen that feels spacious and stylish while also delivering the necessary functionality can seem like an impossible challenge. 

As experts in renovating Sydney kitchens, we’ve accumulated a toolkit of tips and tricks to make your smaller kitchen feel a whole lot larger, warmer and more welcoming.

Here are our favourite ways to amplify space in smaller kitchens. 


Make smart colour choices 

We’re pretty familiar with the concept of darker colours making spaces feel smaller. And while this is true to some degree, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid colour altogether – in fact, a bolder palette can actually help to distract from your kitchen’s spatial shortcomings. 

The trick is to keep your colour scheme limited to three or four hues, max – this helps to keep the overall look and feel cohesive. 

When it comes to materials and finishes, opt for neutral tones like pale hardwood, light coloured stone and faint soft furnishings that won’t dominate the space.


Maximise natural light 

The more light that you can let in your kitchen from natural sources, the larger the room will feel. 

If you have curtains, open them up to let natural daylight flood in; if your kitchen is set back from windows, create soft light through a mix of pendant lights, wall-mounted sconces and strip lights underneath your cabinetry to light up your kitchen from all angles.

When you’re renovating and you have the space for windows, bigger is always better. Not only will bigger windows let more light enter the room, but you’ll be able to see more of the outside world. 


Declutter your space 

The last thing a small Sydney kitchen needs is to feel cramped – so anything unnecessary that doesn’t add to the functionality of your space is likely just making it seem smaller. 

Deep cabinets or pantry shelves can make good homes for mid-size appliances, so they don’t have to live on the benchtop. 

Less tends to be more in smaller spaces – think having one large artwork hanging on the wall over several smaller ones, giving you more space to breathe.

That said, a kitchen that’s too minimal may feel sparse and unfinished rather than sleek and modern. Strike the right balance and you’ll end up with a carefully considered kitchen that looks larger than it really is.

Other ways to achieve minimalism:

  • Steer clear of clutter-creating hardware and instead opt for sliding doors or cupboards with a cut out pull-to-open feature
  • Opt for induction cooktops instead of gas for a sleeker finish


Integrate appliances 

Another way to reduce visual clutter in a small kitchen is to hide away your appliances behind integrated panelling. This minimises breaks in your joinery, elongating the lines of your kitchen and contributing to a greater feeling of space. 

Rather than have your fridge on display, conceal it behind a custom-fitted cupboard door that matches your other surfaces. 

This approach also means you don’t have to worry about ‘awkward’ cupboard space in between appliances and other cabinets – as it’s all uniform to the observer, you can configure your storage however you like behind closed doors. 


Streamline your layout

If you’re living in a smaller space, making clever choices about your layout and what goes in it can add up to big space savings. 

If you have a small family or only live with a couple of people, you probably have no need for an extra-wide dishwasher or bulky double sink.

Choose the slimmer versions of the appliances you need, and use the newfound space for something else. 

Another space-saving measure for Sydney kitchens – consider omitting an island bench. 

Instead, think about how you can maximise storage around the perimeter of the kitchen; solutions like opting for full-length cabinetry or deeper benches can help to make up for the loss of the island, and you’ll gain back valuable floor space in the process. 


The team at Apollo Kitchens can help you get the most out of your small kitchen. It all starts with an obligation-free consultation within our kitchen showrooms in Sydneyget in touch with us to book yours. 

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