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How to Achieve a Modern Scandi-style Kitchen

One of the biggest kitchen design trends of recent times is minimalist, Scandinavian style. The core tenets of scandi style are clean lines, muted colours and minimalism. Scandi kitchen designs, for this reason, are less likely to date, making them a timeless investment. 

Read on for our quick guide for achieving a scandi-style kitchen design.


Keep it tonal

You just have to glance at a Swedish household to know they love their natural materials. 

Opting for white cabinetry with pops of timber in the flooring, tables and chairs will achieve the pared-back nordic look. 


Maximise natural light

Scandinavian style is big on natural lighting, harking back to the Danish hygge movement. 

Positioning your kitchen in line with windows or glass doors to your outdoor area makes your kitchen light-filled, bright and airy. 


Bring the outdoors In

Indoor plants can be used to purify the air in your kitchen, while bringing a nordic touch. 

Choose English Ivy or an Areca Palm to achieve the scandinavian look while eliminating toxins from your home. 


Less is more

There’s no need to overpopulate your kitchen with accessories and decor. 

If you’ve done a complete kitchen renovation, you want to show off your new space in all its glory anyway! 

Keep it simple by displaying a few cookbooks or bread boards on the bench. 

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