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Our Favourite Kitchen Joinery Examples

Modern homes owners make notable investments in custom kitchen joinery, and for good reason. It is a tempting option to store-bought furniture because it combines premium materials, skilled craftsmanship, and—most importantly—the flexibility to customise the product’s design to reflect your individual tastes and lifestyle while fitting precisely into your space.

Custom kitchen joinery can increase your home’s worth significantly. Real estate agents and potential purchasers will view a high-quality, fashionable kitchen as a significant value booster when you come to sell your house. A fresh coat of paint makes it simpler to liven up a living room or bedroom. A tastefully created and functionally installed kitchen, however, is far more valuable and impressive.

The kitchen is a popular gathering place for all family members, therefore it is essential to make improvements while paying close attention to every small aspect. The place where the family will create cherished moments is here.

It can be overwhelming to design a new space. Home renovations can be challenging. Allow us to manage all aspects of your kitchen renovation, from planning to finishing touches and permits to construction, all while keeping your project on schedule and within your allocated budget. Here are a handful of our works that showcase the singularity of Apollo Kitchens joinery solutions:


Cubic Kitchen Island with Amber Glow

The kitchen island is the centrepiece of this renovation. Shape and form were strongly considered in order for this to be possible.

The island was designed to be a sculpture, both in terms of form and weight. Another visual layer was introduced by the box elements on each end of the island that matched the drawers on the rear of the island and had a shadow line running through them. The island eventually received the weightlessness it required to balance out its enormous magnitude when it was decided to increase the kickboard setback.


Contemporary Matt Black with Timber Veneer

Millennials are adopting a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle more than any other generation. Despite the fact that there are extreme examples of this trend the urge to declutter is best demonstrated by the way many millennials approach design.

The kitchen was designed with a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic using high-tech materials to produce a striking, contemporary appearance. The customers wanted a dark, matte-finished item that required low maintenance.

Overall, this creative kitchen design adds depth and interest, and the variety of finishes creates a cosy, inviting atmosphere. This kitchen joinery and design successfully achieved a sleek, basic, and stunning appearance while satisfying all of the client’s criteria.


Window Splashback Central Coast

Kitchens and patios can be connected by splashback windows. Allowing natural light to pour into your space. They are a fantastic design option to conventional tiles that can improve the appearance of your kitchen.

Shelves with a wood finish reflect the warmth of the surrounding vegetation and highlight the lakeside views.

To fulfil the client’s desire to keep the space fully equipped to manage daily needs, an extra deep benchtop and a range of storage solutions were developed.


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A Kitchen for Two in Baulkham Hills

In this kitchen layout, two parallel benches are placed across from one another to make the best out of the linear space available.

Most homes have this kind of kitchen layout since it works well in both small and larger residences where homeowners and designers are seeking for space-saving alternatives.

The least amount of space was needed to complete this project without sacrificing functionality.

The smokey mirror backsplash expands the viewing area and permits more lighting to fill the room.


Enchanting and Spacious – Ebony and Marble Look

The colour of the kitchen joinery and cabinets is one of the most crucial décor factors to think about whether you are remodelling your kitchen or building a new house. Cabinets have a significant impact on how your kitchen feels and appears because they take up a big portion of the space. Even while material and cabinet door design are both significant factors to consider, the colour is frequently what stands out when one enters the kitchen.

Dark kitchen cabinets are one of the most prominent themes in contemporary design. You might be surprised at how well it works for most kitchens, even though choosing dark shades may seem to go against the conventional wisdom that a kitchen should have bright.

This award-winning kitchen was designed to maximise open space while also creating additional compartments for cutlery and appliances.

A sleek design with a dark, luxurious finish and a reflective surface that combines contrast and harmony. A kitchen that will remain elegant for many years.


Are you thinking about remodelling your kitchen to improve your family’s well being and increase your home value? A complimentary consultation is the ideal way to learn how you can have the stylish, functional custom kitchen joinery you’ve always desired. Contact our team of experts right away.


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