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Designing a Pantry That’s Perfect for You

If you’re doing kitchen renovations, you’ve probably already put a lot of love into your design. But let’s not overlook one of the most highly-used features of your kitchen – the pantry.

As a source of food (and more importantly, snacks) your pantry will get a lot of use. Why not make it look great too? A pantry design should be functional without neglecting style. Here are some ideas to help you design your perfect pantry.



Already got a walk-in pantry? If not, you can still create a fabulous alternative. Simply let open shelving function as a pantry for a bold and homey look. Or, convert one of your cabinets into a nifty pull-out pantry.

If you’ve got the budget, and the space, consider turning a spare room outside the kitchen into a pantry, such as the nook under the stairs or an old coat closet. If you have no other rooms in the house and not enough space in your kitchen, place a large cabinet in a neighbouring room or hall.



Even a pantry door can be built to look stylish by incorporating designs from shaker style to glass panelling. If your pantry is more of a hole in the wall, you could install a sliding or fold-out door. Alternatively, use a thick curtain in place of your typical kitchen joinery.



The pantry interior is often neglected, but can add a lot of style to your overall kitchen design. Behind the shelves, go for colourful tiled backsplashes or industrial exposed brick. Get creative with your shelving too, by placing shelves on the back of doors. Apply cute labels to your shelves, and transfer your dried goods into glass jars or ceramic canisters.



If you’ve got a walk-in pantry, a quick and easy way to add style to your kitchen design is with creative lighting. Forget about bare bulbs. Instead, opt for rustic pendants or even a glitzy chandelier.


Don’t neglect your pantry during your kitchen renovation. With clever placement, stylish features and quirky interiors, you can maximise your pantry’s style and functionality.


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