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Pantry Hacks To Elevate Your Organisation Levels

Group like with like

Investing in some baskets or even just recycling cardboard boxes, and grouping items together (like baking products or snacks) can be the easiest way to identify what you need.

Plus it keeps the pantry nice and neat.

Store dry ingredients in jars or containers

Keeping cereals, pasta, nuts, flours and the like in clear containers has a number of benefits.

Taking items out of their original packaging, and storing in an airtight container can preserve freshness, make them easier to find, and just makes your pantry look nicer than it would with countless unsightly boxes and bags.

Use tape, a label maker or a simple permanent marker to name each container, and choose stackable containers to save even more space.

Use levels

Place items from tallest in the back to shortest in front, so you can always see what you’re working with.

Use shelf risers for smaller items like spices and tinned food.  

Work in a U-shape

If you’re working with a deep, narrow pantry, the worst thing you can do is fill it from back to front.

Place items along the sides of the pantry, leaving a space in the middle.

This makes it easier to see what you’ve got, and reach in and grab what you need.

Use the back of the door

The back of the kitchen or pantry door is often the easiest access in the kitchen.

Use this space to store smaller foods or frequently used items like oils and spices.

Store tins and jars in drawers

If you’ve got drawers to work with, put them to good use and lay your tins and jars down with the labels facing up to make sure they’re always easy to find.

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