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Planning to Get the Most Out of Your New Kitchen

The most essential pre-renovation step, aside from choosing an experienced and capable team, is planning. When embarking on a kitchen renovation, in order to achieve a fully functional space that suits your lifestyle and meets your daily requirements and then some, taking the time to carefully plan everything from the placement of essential elements to how your drawers are laid out is of utmost importance. Read on for our top kitchen renovation planning tips. 


Write lists

Crucial to having a kitchen you love, and love to work in, is it actually containing elements you want. So it only makes sense that you decide on what those things are before you go ahead and start knocking out walls. This will help you manage your new kitchen renovation cost. Make lists of everything you need and everything you want in your new kitchen, and separate them into categories. If you want to go into more depth, next to each addition, indicate why you’ve chosen it or what you hope to achieve with it. Then, when you meet with your kitchen designer or joiner, they’ll have a better understanding of exactly what functions you need, and will be able to provide helpful feedback on the best choices for your kitchen. 


Set your budget

Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for in your new kitchen, it’s time to allocate money to it. Decide what areas you want to save on, and where you’d like to splurge. Do some research into what’s actually worth spending a bit more on (hint: cabinets, drawers, benches and appliances), and which items you can buy for less but will still give you the desired effect, like splashbacks and handles. Having this laid out from the beginning will not only make you feel a bit more organised throughout the process, it will give your kitchen designer a clear indication of the scope of your project. 


Shop first

If you’re planning on installing a new suite of appliances, it’s important to have them picked out before your custom joinery is made. This is to avoid any sizing mishaps down the track, and ensures plumbing connections, extraction vents and ducts and power supply are all in place. The last thing you want is to spend thousands on a new oven, only for it not to fit under the bench. Make some time at the beginning of the renovation process to select your appliances and sit down with your designer to map out where they’ll go.


Set a timeline

If you’re working with a kitchen joiner, they’ll be able to provide an accurate guide for how long the process will take. Be sure to communicate any time constraints, or conversely, be open to certain aspects taking longer to be delivered than you may expect. 


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