Modern Rustic Look in Hunters Hill

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About the Project

A new kitchen to exuded individuality and elegance, whilst connecting to the weightless, warm and open atmosphere one instantly feels upon entering the property.The decision to use a timber veneer for the cabinetry meant that we had the one of a kind feel that the client desired. Doors were designed with a 35mm edge profile with a mitred detail to all four corners. The unique mixture of the satin nickel finished brass mesh and grill and the timber veneer added warmth to the space which was important as the property faces south.

The feeling of weightlessness and openness was achieved in a number of ways. A steel frame was designed to elevate the island cabinetry. This made the kitchen cabinetry appear light and also made the island look like a piece of bespoke, elegant furniture. The satin nickel finished brass mesh and grill feature doors to the back of the island also add to the open feeling of the kitchen as you can see through the mesh and these cabinets serve as display cabinets. A toughened mirror splashback was also specified. This perfectly reflected the water views, contributing to the open feel of the new kitchen, connecting it to the outside.




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