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Showroom Q&A: The Kitchen Work Triangle

One of the most adhered-to rules of kitchen design is the work triangle. To ensure convenience and efficiency, your fridge, stove, and sink should be arranged in a triangle.


The work triangle is a 1940s kitchen design feature that is scientifically based on how people moved between standard kitchen tasks.


Our kitchens have changed along with our way of life. Galley and L-shaped kitchens are becoming less common as open-plan designs gain popularity and storage needs expand, which means the work triangle as we know it has evolved.


We asked Georgina, one of our experienced Apollo Kitchens designers, to explain the work triangle and how it is changing in a world where we are becoming more fond of our island benches.


Can you explain the traditional kitchen work triangle (of cooktop, sink and fridge) and how important it’s been in the function of kitchens over the years?

The work triangle connects the zones of cooking, cleaning, and food storage. It is significant, but kitchens have evolved over time, with more appliances and larger refrigerators. Another point to consider is that our kitchens have evolved into true hubs of family activity and are no longer just places where we cook and eat.


What are the standard distances between kitchen benches? Have these changed over the years? Are benches wider now?

Benchtops are typically 1200mm wide. Some people prefer wider tops, and we have designed 1000mm benchtops in some cases to save space. It’s crucial to leave enough space around your island in order to prevent congestion and poor flow, and this area should be your top priority when designing your kitchen island. The width of the kitchen bench will be determined by the size of the kitchen as well as its intended use. It depends on whether you intend to use it solely for food preparation or also to store some basic appliances.


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What impact has technology had on and changed the traditional kitchen layout?

More cooking appliances are being incorporated into kitchen design to increase cooking convenience. It is critical that our clients account for all of the appliances they currently have in their kitchen as well as some extra space for future additions. For example, coffee machines, steam ovens, and thermal mixers. Kitchens have become larger, and open-plan layouts are becoming increasingly popular. People are more likely to stay in the kitchen for longer periods of time, even when food is not the primary focus of an activity.


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Is there a new kitchen work triangle?

When it comes to kitchen design, the triangle is a must-have. We can then work with the space to incorporate our clients’ additional requirements, such as a butler’s pantry or an extra kitchenette. Today, many modern homes must accommodate various design layouts that suit the room and the family.


Because the kitchen has evolved into a busy and inviting living area, it’s important to consider safety, hygiene, and health. Because of this, it is preferable to organise the kitchen into work zones and distribute the zones in accordance with the needs of the family.


  • The food preparation zone
  • The cooking zone
  • The serving zone
  • The eating and living zone
  • The cleaning zone
  • The storage zone


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How has the advent of the kitchen island affected the function of the classic work triangle? 

Kitchen islands have given us more flexibility with our space. In many cases, we use them as a prep and wash area. It is also the piece that attracts our family and friends to our kitchen.


Making your kitchen into intuitive zones will maximise efficiency and make the room feel more spacious. Additionally, it’s a great way to make the room feel more customised to your own needs and give it a contemporary feel.


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