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Why Invest in Quality Over Quantity?

The movement towards minimalism has meant that more and more people are choosing quality items that they’ll adore for their kitchen designs. And we couldn’t be happier. While it can be tempting to choose many low-cost items to renovate many rooms at once, you’ll receive far superior outcomes when you focus on one element at a time, and truly think about the look you want to achieve.

At Apollo Kitchens, we value beautifully designed products and long-lasting natural elements – and want to create homes that reflect our clients’ lifestyles and personalities. The only way to do this is to carefully plan and select items that aren’t just gorgeous but will last for years to come.

Materials will last longer

Investing in high-quality materials and artistry ensures your renovation remains faultless for as long as possible. Choose natural stones, woods and fibres over synthetic kinds and your kitchen will age gracefully. Choose synthetic, and you’ll run into problems when the items age – think cracking and peeling of hard objects and pilling or shirring of fabrics.

The value of your home will increase

Purchase high-quality items and your home’s value will benefit. Especially if you’re not looking to sell in the immediate future, investing in high-quality items will mean that when you do come to sell, the elements will look as good as new (or will have aged gracefully). This will only fetch more on the market, as the new owners will receive a great new home they can move right in to.

Cheaper items only provide short-term gratification

Cheaper items are tempting because you can get more bang for your buck, so to speak. But when it comes to home design, lower prices are a dangerous thing to fall for as items with a lower price tag are not designed to last as long. While you might love the look of a design replica or synthetic material, chances are it will quickly fall apart, or the textures won’t feel quite right.

You’ll receive more attentive management and care

Like the products you buy, investing in quality labour is a must. With a project manager or designer who is invested in the outcomes of your design, you can rest assured they will stop at almost nothing to satisfy your tastes – and the builders they hire will complete a lasting job on the installation, too.

At Apollo Kitchens, we’re all about the quality of your designs and want to help you create a kitchen you can be proud of. After all, your kitchen is where you spend a lot of time, where you entertain guests and the hub of activity for your home.

Speak to a designer for more information on how to bring your interiors dream to life with high-quality, well-chosen pieces that stand the test of time. You can get in touch to organise a time to meet with our designers at one of our showrooms.

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