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Renovate or Move? What to Do When You’ve Outgrown Your Home

Is your home starting to feel cramped, like it lacks function and order? You may have moved in years ago with the idea of renovating but other things got in the way, and your home is just not working for you anymore. Looking around for a new home may seem like the logical idea, however in the rising Sydney property market, the more economical investment is often a quality renovation.


There’s an argument to be made for packing up and moving house, just as there is for staying put and giving your home a facelift. Let us step you through both.


To Move

Moving into a new home can be exciting and can sometimes be the option that makes the most sense. A host of factors come into play when deciding to move house. Some of these include:

  • Your current house is too small for a growing family
  • You’re looking for a cheaper home
  • You want to downsize
  • Your suburb is no longer suitable


Your current home may also be the perfect size, in the perfect location, but be old, cramped and not structurally sound enough to withstand a kitchen renovation. Of course, this, and some of the other listed reasons for moving are non-negotiable, so if you can make it work for your family, you should opt to move.


To Not Move

You might be tempted by the allure of a newer house, however moving is often a much more expensive exercise than making modifications to the home you already own. Where a quality kitchen renovation in Sydney might cost anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000 depending on the scale, the cost of moving is often so much more. 


Moving house comes with a whole host of costs like removalists, stamp duty, and real estate agent fees. Don’t forget these costs come in before you begin thinking about making any modifications to your new home! While it may be your dream home from the outset, it’s not always going to work for the whole family. 


To Renovate

Renovating your existing home has any number of exciting benefits. As opposed to moving house, you have a bit more freedom and flexibility to truly customise your home to suit your family’s needs. If you’re after certain features in a home, you might find you look so hard for them that you begin to ignore other fundamental ones such as a well-sized bedroom, in the pursuit of a butler’s pantry, which could have been achieved with a quality kitchen renovation.


Custom kitchen renovations also offer a much better return on investment. Although you may have shelved the idea of moving house for now, it’s still important to bear in mind when you will be eventually selling, and make choices that will work in your favour down the line. These could be the inclusion of a butler’s pantry in your kitchen renovation, built-in wardrobes and an outdoor entertaining area. 


If you simply need to increase the functionality of a certain room, or increase storage space, a renovation is most likely your best option, and can be fairly cost-effective depending on the scale. 


Of course, depending on factors like who you engage to complete your renovation, your budget and the scale of the renovation, you may run into trouble along the way. The good news is a kitchen renovation that does not require major structural changes to your home and can be done relatively cost-effectively and quickly, with new kitchen cabinet design and upgraded appliances.


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