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Repurpose or Rebuild? How to Know if You Need a Full Kitchen Renovation

If you’re looking at your kitchen design and wishing it was more functional, modern or just had a bit more space, but you’re not sure whether it’s worth investing in a full renovation, there are a few key aspects you should assess in order to decide. These include kitchen layout, storage and shelf life of key components. Read on to learn more.


Your layout doesn’t match your lifestyle

Does your current kitchen design feel cramped, boxy and out of date? If you’ve got a growing family or a group of friends you’d love to entertain for, you’ve probably considered changing your kitchen layout. An open kitchen design idea with ample bench space that blends seamlessly with a living area can be a great upgrade that serves both of these. If knocking out walls doesn’t fit into your budget or time frame, redesigning your kitchen so the cabinetry creates a better flow and ease of access can be just as beneficial. Consider an L-shape or galley layout for better accessibility.


You have nowhere to store food

In many small, older kitchen designs, a dedicated pantry space can sometimes have been forgotten. If this is the case for you, redesigning your kitchen cabinets to include a pantry is definitely a consideration. If the cost or time frame required for new kitchen joinery seems daunting, opting for open shelving to house your plates and other crockery can free up space for food inside upper cabinets, keeping unsightly packets and containers hidden. 


Your appliances are out of date

An oven that doesn’t live up to its full potential or a worn out old range hood can impact the quality of your food, and can also bring down the look of a kitchen. Simply replacing these items can be enough to tide you over, but if you find brand new appliances look lost on an old kitchen, it could be worth opting for a full kitchen renovation to bring your space into a new era. 


Your surfaces are worn out

Could your kitchen benchtop use an upgrade? Laminate and timber surfaces wear much faster than stone, and it shows. If you’re satisfied with the look of the rest of your kitchen but the benches are getting you down, simply replacing them can be enough to breathe new life into your space. When choosing kitchen benchtops material however, be careful to ensure the style and design principles are consistent. A carrara marble bench is beautiful, but will look lost among laminate cabinets. 


You’ve recently renovated another area of your home

A brand new living room or outdoor area is great, but you may begin to find your heart sinks a little bit when you cross over into your old kitchen. If your kitchen design is dated and doesn’t marry up to the aesthetic of the rest of the house, it may be time to start thinking about an upgrade. When it comes to designing your new kitchen, choose features from those areas of your home that have had an upgrade, and replicate or reference them for consistency. This could be colour schemes, cabinetry or window coverings. 


Still unsure? We created an eBook that steps you through everything you need to know about renovating your kitchen. 


Speaking to an expert kitchen designer will also help you grasp a better understanding of your kitchen’s renovation requirements. Book a consultation with an Apollo Kitchens professional today. 

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