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Save or Splurge? Why Custom Joinery Adds Value to Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home in the short-to-medium-term future, a well-planned kitchen renovation can add value to your home – and then some. 

As a central element of any home, a functional, stylish kitchen is on many buyers’ wishlist. So, if your kitchen is starting to feel dated or look a little worse for wear, it can be worth the upfront costs to renovate as this can significantly increase your home’s overall value in the eyes of prospective buyers. 

While it may be tempting to head down the flatpack route for a quick update before bringing buyers through, these solutions can often stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

A bespoke joinery solution not only creates a seamless space, but also helps buyers to envision themselves using your kitchen every day. 

Here’s why buyers will appreciate the value of custom joinery in your home, and how to maximise the return on your investment in your kitchen. 


It gives your space multiple purposes 

With the lines between kitchen, living and dining now more blurred than ever, buyers are looking for spaces that can serve multiple functions. 

If your kitchen doesn’t already have one, consider implementing an island bench as part of your renovation. While they do require ample space – generally 850mm up to one metre either side – an island creates a space for eating, for entertaining or even for the kids to do their homework without getting underfoot. 

An island bench is also typical of many open-plan kitchens, so tick this box on your buyers’ list and incorporate an island with clever custom joinery

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It creates a functional layout 

Impractical kitchen designs often raise red flags for potential buyers, signalling that they’ll need to invest in updates immediately before they can enjoy their new home. 

Avoid these doubts by using your renovation to optimise your kitchen layout. The benefit of custom joinery here is that each cupboard, cabinet and drawer can be tailored to your space – think cupboards around the stove for easy access to cookware, a fridge cavity within close reach of the cooking area and deeper benchtops for maximum preparation space.

A good rule of thumb is to follow the golden triangle of kitchen design – the principle that your fridge, sink and stove should loosely translate to the three points of an imaginary triangle within your space. This layout is universally agreed as one of the most functional, so it’s best not to go too out of the box in case it alienates your buyers. 


It maximises storage 

Another kitchen must-have is ample storage. Buyers don’t want to see your pantry in an adjoining room of the house, or open a cupboard only to be met with a barrage of tupperware – especially if it’s a family home, buyers want to see room to grow. 

Aside from incorporating an island bench, custom joinery can also be used to increase the size of your existing cabinetry – or to install new units that take advantage of all available space. Floor to ceiling cabinetry not only maximises cupboard space, but it also gets rid of any awkward gaps between the top of your cupboards and the ceiling that can accumulate dust. 

The pantry is another space that can benefit hugely from a custom joinery solution. If your pantry is deep and narrow, consider how drawers, indented shelves or pull-out racks could help to make this a more functional element of the kitchen. 

Whether you’re set on selling in 2022 or you’re just starting to think about putting your home on the market, our team of design experts can help you to understand your options and create a kitchen that could increase your home’s value. Get in touch with us for a consultation today.

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