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Should You Match Your Kitchen and Bathroom Design?

Planning the design of your home can be a deeply personal process. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to how each room should look and feel – but at the same time, they’re all part of the one house. 

You may prefer to create cohesion across the different spaces in your home. You may like that each living area has its own aesthetic and atmosphere. We’ve helped to update countless kitchens in Sydney, and no two renovations are ever the same!

As with any design approach, there are benefits and drawbacks to aligning the design elements of your kitchen and bathroom. We’ve explained a few factors that you may like to consider while making this decision – but ultimately, the choice is yours. 


Consider your home layout 

One of the most significant cases for consistent joinery across your kitchen and bathroom is where these two rooms sit within your home’s floorplan. 

If your kitchen and bathroom are adjacent, it may make sense for you to use a similar design across these zones. Perhaps you could use the same cabinetry for your kitchen and bathroom cupboards or use the same tiling for your shower and backsplash. 

However, if these two rooms are more spread out (or in completely different zones of your home), you may want to create more bespoke visual identities for your kitchen and bathroom. 

Your main bathroom and ensuite may match each other and tie into the colour palette used in your bedrooms. You might like the look of larger, darker tiles in the bathroom that span floor to ceiling but want to use white subway tiles in your kitchen in Sydney

When these rooms don’t have a relationship in terms of their location in the home, you can be more flexible around the variations in design. 


Consider which design elements you want to repeat 

Even if you opt to carry across the design from your kitchen into the bathroom or vice versa, this doesn’t mean that the rooms need to be carbon copies of each other. 

It can be visually effective to repeat key features across these rooms – and the bigger or the more elements you duplicate, the stronger sense of resemblance you’ll create. 

Using the same hardware for your taps and door fittings is a quick way to update the look of these spaces and make them feel like part of the same house without being too matchy-matchy. 

If you’re updating your kitchen and bathroom at the same time, it can also work in your favour to use the same joinery for both areas. Getting additional cabinetry made in the same style can help cut costs for Sydney kitchen renovations while also helping to tie the two rooms together. This also applies to tiling or flooring. 


Consider the role of the laundry

The final piece to fit into your design puzzle is the laundry. Depending on where your laundry is in the home, it may actually make more sense to match the design across the laundry and the kitchen rather than the kitchen and the bathroom or some other combination of the three. 

Alternatively, you may want to coordinate all three areas. You can achieve this in many different ways – it may be as simple as using the same sinks for each space or carrying the design of your joinery or flooring over as well. 

If you’re still unsure which rooms should match or where you want to invest your renovation budget, it’s a good rule of thumb to factor in how much time you spend in each space. If your bathroom gets more usage than your laundry, you might prefer to prioritise updating its design during your Sydney kitchen renovation.


Considering an update to your home? Our team of design experts can help you achieve a new look for your kitchen (and bathroom). Start the process by getting in touch to arrange a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. 

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