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5 Signs That Your Kitchen Needs Renovating

As one of the most high-traffic areas in the home, kitchens are subject to a lot of wear and tear – and while any good design from reputable kitchen manufacturers should be built to last, there will come a time that it no longer suits the needs of your family. 

Whether it’s become too cramped, its style has become outdated, or you’re doing a lot more entertaining than you used to – your kitchen may be beyond quick fixes and will require a renovation to truly address your pain points.

We’ve listed five quick signs to help you determine when to undergo a kitchen renovation.


1. Not enough space for the family

Do you often find yourself kicking others out of the kitchen while cooking, as they get underfoot? Does someone need to exit before you can actually enter and make your morning breakfast in a hurry? Does getting a drink from the fridge require traipsing across the entire kitchen? 

Some older designs and layouts seem to overlook the contemporary lifestyle of cooking as a family or entertaining a group of friends and family around the kitchen. An impractical layout can often push family members into other areas of the home, rather than bringing them together.

Kitchen manufacturers will be able to seamlessly integrate your new kitchen into the living areas around it for an open plan feel that maximises space. 


2. Your cabinets and benchtops are beginning to discolour

Cabinets and benchtops are the first things that people recognise when stepping into a kitchen for the first time. 

Because they make up such a large percentage of your kitchen’s overall footprint, their design and appearance can make an entire kitchen look old-fashioned and discoloured once they begin to age.

In good news, if the rest of your kitchen is in relatively good shape, you could get away with a mini-renovation to update the cabinets and benchtop. This small project will have a big impact on the overall feel of your kitchen. 


3. Kitchen items are spilling beyond the kitchen

The only place you should be seeing your cooking utensils, crockery and appliances should be in the kitchen – so if you’re finding yourself converting cupboards in the surrounding rooms into satellite pantries, it’s a sign that your current kitchen is no longer meeting your needs.

Even the smallest of kitchens can reclaim valuable storage space with the right system in place. One of the most satisfying parts of our work as kitchen manufacturers is helping homeowners to double or even triple their current storage, just with a few clever tweaks to the joinery and design.


Storage plays a crucial role in good kitchen design – learn more about the principles that underpin a great kitchen in our exclusive eBook.


4. You dread cleaning (more than usual)

Not many people look forward to cleaning the kitchen, but if you’ve got a kitchen that is high-maintenance, you’ll be sure to know it!

If you find yourself constantly complaining that your benchtop, splashback and floor tiles never look sparkling clean, no matter how hard or how long you scrub, that’s a pretty good hint that these surfaces are beyond saving and need to be replaced in order to achieve the standard of cleanliness that you want.


5. You’ve stopped hosting at home  

Embarrassed to invite guests over on the weekends? Or is your kitchen lacking the functionality it needs for catering purposes?

Especially after two years of limited socialising, hosting people over holds more meaning than ever – so if you find yourself always visiting friends and family for dinner, it’s probably because your kitchen isn’t up to the task. Don’t let that stop you from hosting at home. With a clever renovation and the help of good kitchen manufacturers, you can create a kitchen that will be the ultimate entertaining destination! 


If you ticked off a few signs from this list, your kitchen is likely a great candidate for a renovation this year. We’re here to help – visit one of our showrooms to chat to our designers about how we can help to transform your kitchen into one you’ll love spending time in.
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