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Smart Custom Joinery Ideas For Your Home

Smart Custom Joinery Ideas For Your Home

When pots and pans fall out of your cupboard each time you open it, your kitchen table becomes a dumping ground for clean laundry, or your pantry has spilled out into the laundry cupboard – these are all signs that your home storage is no longer working for you.

Set yourself up for organisational success through the inclusion of smart custom joinery solutions that help to minimise clutter and give you back more time to do the things you love. 

In this blog, we’ll review key areas of the home in which joinery can maximise storage and elevate the look of each space. 



The most obvious application of custom joinery in the kitchen is your cabinetry. If your current cupboards are creating more headaches than they solve, try to identify the root source of your issues. 

Do your cupboards reach the ceiling, maximising the use of the wall space? Do you struggle with deep or corner cabinets where accessibility is a challenge? Is your pull-out pantry too small to suit your family’s needs? 

Understanding the ways in which your current storage lacks will help you to work with a kitchen designer to overcome them. 

Another consideration for the kitchen is seating. Make use of spaces too small for a full-size table through creating custom banquette seating. This helps you to reclaim as much of your kitchen’s footprint as possible, while creating both extra spaces to sit or eat with the bonus of storage inside the bench. 

Similarly, a breakfast bar can help to create a secondary, more casual space to eat that keeps kids or guests out from under your feet. 


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A deceptively small space on a floor plan, changes to your laundry’s custom joinery can have a big impact on your home.

If your laundry has a door to your backyard or is a thoroughfare in and out of the house, it can be a great candidate for a mud area to minimise dirt and clutter making their way into the living areas. 

Consider how stacking your appliances or opting for a European solution can also help to maximise available storage space in the laundry. Narrow spaces can make excellent hanging storage for brooms, mops and vacuums, while thin gaps between appliances can create the opportunity for a pull-out ironing board. 



The bathroom is another great candidate for custom joinery to maximise storage. 

Your vanity is the first port of call. Smaller spaces can make great use of the walls by implementing medicine cabinets behind the main mirror, for a sleek yet functional solution. 

If your vanity is deeper, consider opting for drawers over cupboards as it can be hard to reach or identify items at the back. 

Consider also how your bathroom can take on storage of items like towels or cleaning supplies to alleviate storage constraints in other areas. Cubby-hole style shelving can turn this into a feature of the design; otherwise, handleless, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry can make this storage blend seamlessly into the rest of the space. 


Living areas 

Last but not least, consider how smart custom joinery can elevate your use of living areas throughout the home. 

Awkward spaces underneath stairs can be transformed into a functional study nook. A simple bench creates a workspace, while the vertical space above can feature open shelving or cupboards to house stationery or small electronics. 

Replace your entertainment unit with a custom solution that spans your entire wall. With control over everything from the height of your television to display options with lighting, you can create all the storage you could possibly dream of while incorporating this into the overall design of the room. 

The bedroom is another great candidate for custom joinery. Wardrobes can be customised to the space you have available, with smart solutions like hanging racks, pull-out drawers and cubby holes making use of every inch of the room. 

Similarly, the bedroom can also become a run-off area for other storage space in the home. Christmas decorations, bed linen, gift-wrapping tools and any other miscellaneous but bulky items can be accessed when required without taking up valuable space in common areas. 


Looking for more ways to optimise your space with clever custom joinery in Sydney? With decades of experience in helping homeowners to transform their spaces, we can help to create a custom solution that’s perfect for your home. Get in touch with us or stop by a showroom to see how we can help you. 

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