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Smart Storage: Making the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

In the modern age, where kitchens are replete with all kinds of gadgets, pots, utensils and containers, having adequate storage space can mean the difference between functionality and impracticality.

It is vitally important that your kitchen has the space to allow for efficient, comfortable home cooking. Today, kitchen cabinets are so much more than a simple storage space. They are flexible, highly versatile focal points that can be adapted to suit your cooking needs.

Apollo Kitchens would like to share with you some stylish, practical ideas for making your kitchen a dream space for smart storage.

Create a Stress-Free Space

Life is busy, hours are long and the last thing you want to come home to is a space that is cluttered and doesn’t allow for efficient end of day cooking. There are certain ways you can remodel your kitchen to allow for a clean, stress-free space.

When considering your renovation, have your kitchen custom-designed to the dimensions of the space. This will create an optimised space where freedom of movement and adaptability is paramount. Benches, islands and cabinets will be modified to suit their location and in turn you will have a comfortable, practical space to cook.

The Efficiency of the Island

Originally, the kitchen island was something that would be installed after renovation, opting for a mobile mini-island that barely served any purpose. Households are now viewing the kitchen island as something that serves many purposes. Having a kitchen island installed that allows under-counter appliances, seating, serving and, of course, a countertop for cooking is one of the most efficient ways you can optimise your kitchen space.

The kitchen island is an effective installation for the open-plan, streamlined kitchen space, and one that will make cooking an efficient and stress-free process.

Open Storage Solutions

Installing open shelves not only helps to free up the space but also keeps everything within view and ease of reach. By installing open shelves in your kitchen, you make finding all your drinkware, plates and appliances a breeze, and it’s great for when you have friends and family helping in the kitchen.

Also, have knife slots installed in your butchers block to further create an open, effective cooking space.

Optimise Your Cabinetry

One thing people become frustrated with after purchasing a house is the wasted space that comes with cabinets. Optimise your cabinetry. Have cabinets installed that suit the number and type of appliances you have. You can also install certain appliances that will free up and optimise your cabinet space. This includes appliance garages, roll-out trays for pots and pans, tray dividers and pull-out draws for herbs and spices.

One of our favourite appliances for optimising cabinet space is the corner cabinet carousel, an appliance which allows you to pull out kitchen accessories from those dark and dingy corners of the cabinet.

Organise Your Products

This almost goes without saying, but you want to organise your kitchen appliances so that they can be used in order of how and when they are used. By storing cooking essentials like herbs, spices, vinegar and oil together you are making the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. The same goes for storage of plates, glasses and mugs, store them close to the dishwasher so that once you have washed them they can be easily transferred to their cabinet.

Contact Our Team to Get Started

The team at Apollo Kitchens are masters in creating stylish, optimised kitchen spaces for Sydney homes and businesses. We have the skills and experience to create designs that will not only allow for a practical cooking experience, but will also wow friends and family with its aesthetic style.

If you would like to get started on creating an optimised, storage-friendly kitchen space, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff. We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of service, and will be happy to assist you with any enquiries you have regarding our kitchen remodelling designs.

Call 1300 90 80 90 or submit an enquiry form on our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible and with all the information you require.

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