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Smart Ways to Hide Appliances in Your Kitchen Design

One of our focusses at Apollo Kitchens is creating kitchens that are as stylish as they are practical. Ensuring your design has all the elements you need in an overall look that you love is something we work hard to deliver in every project.

An element of your kitchen renovation that you need to address is how appliances will fit in with your design. While stainless steel has been an overwhelming favourite for appliance finishes in recent years, this doesn’t necessarily work with every kitchen’s aesthetic or your personal style preferences.

There’s also the question of smaller benchtop appliances, that we want close by but not necessarily in view when not in use.

Here are some different ways you can hide appliances in your kitchen design:

Built-in approach

One of the most popular approaches for bigger appliances like the fridge or dishwasher, think of built-in appliances as hiding them in plain sight. They’re still as accessible as ever, yet appear to be just another cupboard to the uninformed observer.

Undermount rangehoods provide a similar benefit, blending into the underside of your kitchen cabinetry – hiding them from view, maintaining uninterrupted symmetry across your cupboards.

Especially good for open plan kitchens with less of a distinction from other rooms in the house, integrated appliances disappear into your kitchen design and conceal your devices in a way that’s still functional.

Be warned though, built-in appliances tend to be more expensive than their unconcealed counterparts. But if you’re on the hunt to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, built-in appliances could be your solution.


Conceal with cabinetry

Smaller appliances like the blender, toaster and coffee machine may be part of your daily routine; but, when they’re not in use, can contribute to benchtop clutter that you’d rather not have.

Creating a small-appliance hutch or cabinet could be the answer – a designated spot for your favourite tools to live. It can be conveniently accessed when needed, and hidden away when not. Sliding or folding doors give you the most available preparation space possible, without obstructing or cutting into other areas of the kitchen.

Adding powerpoints into the space means they will always be ready to go, with no extra steps needed – maximising convenience while keeping unsightly appliances hidden away.


Invest in deep drawers

If fully integrating your appliances isn’t the way you want to go, being smart with your storage can make hiding away appliances a breeze.

Deep drawers make the perfect home for bulkier appliances, like stand mixers and food processors. Pulling out the drawer to find what you want tends to be easier than poking around in the back of the cupboard.  

The result – your appliances are accessible at a moment’s notice, while not taking up any of your valuable bench space.

The team at Apollo Kitchens are the experts when it comes to marrying form and function. Let our designers come up with appliance solutions to suit your kitchen and style – contact us to discuss your needs.

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