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Smart Ways to Maximise Small Kitchens

Renovating a small kitchen may feel like a challenge, but with some careful planning and clever execution, it’s possible to pull off a space with room for everything you need. 


Read on for our favourite ways to get the most out of your kitchen renovation.


Clever lighting

Knowing where to place lights, which types to use and which style can do wonders for opening up a kitchen that feels cramped. The bare minimum for kitchen lighting is ambient and task lighting. Decorative and spot lighting can be added bonuses where budget and size permit. 


Something crucial to keep in mind when planning your kitchen design is where you’ll be completing tasks. Take everything from food prep to cleaning into account and space your lights out accordingly. 


Choose light-reflecting accents

Opting for a mirrored splashback or even a gloss white benchtop can make your space feel bigger and brighter. Allowing natural light to bounce off reflective surfaces doubles the amount of sunlight in your kitchen, and subsequently the space. The same goes for decorative pieces, so something as simple as hanging metal cookware can also be beneficial. 


Invest in drawers over cupboards

Opting for drawers over conventional cupboard doors for your under-bench storage gives you much more accessible space, allowing you to reach the entire depth of the cabinetry. Drawers also increase your items’ accessibility, meaning you won’t be straining to find that pot in the back corner.  


Create a servery

If you have a partition into another room, consider opening it up and placing a benchtop through the middle. This is a great way to create extra space for both food prep and seating. It also gives the feeling of an open plan living and kitchen space. 


Try movable modules

Something like a portable island bench or kitchen trolley can be convenient for extra storage and prep space that is easily concealable, and that can be moved away at a moment’s notice. A portable island bench with drawers and shelves built-in also creates more storage. 


Ready to kick-start your small kitchen renovation? Contact the experienced team at Apollo Kitchens today. 

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