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Storage and Organisation Hacks For a Cleaner Kitchen

Ever wonder why the best home chefs seem to work effortlessly and without stress? They chop vegetables, sear meat and season with the perfect combination of herbs and spices – all without breaking a sweat.

The secret to stress-free cooking is an organised foundation. When everything is in its place, you’ll be able to reach for the implement or ingredient you need at the right point in the recipe. No more digging around drawers or poring through your pantry to locate what you need.

While at Apollo Kitchens we know a thing or two about intelligent kitchen design, we also know how to maximise your use of space to get the best results. Here are our top tips for a streamlined process from start to finish.

Keep commonly used items close by

While you want to steer away from cluttered countertops, you should still employ logic when it comes to setting up your kitchen. Think of the items you reach for the most – perhaps it’s the salt and pepper grinders, a jug of olive oil, or an essential utensil – and keep these within easy reach of the stove or bench.

Declutter your pantry

A neglected kitchen pantry doesn’t just harbour forgotten food; it’s also a maze you have to weave through just to find that tin of beans. Employ a few gadgets in your pantry to make the search a bit easier.

When renovating, choose a pantry with shelves that swing out when you open the door. Or keep things simple by installing platforms to elevate items right at the back, and boxes to keep similar items together.

Don’t tackle the whole clean at once

You don’t have to don the rubber gloves and employ a faultless cleaning schedule to keep things tidy. Just aim for one small task every day and you’ll soon have a clean kitchen without putting in too much effort. It’s a lot of work to clean the whole kitchen at once but breaking it into bite-sized morsels means you’ll be much more likely to enjoy it.

Fake it til you make it

Although it won’t give you extra room, clever and elegant kitchen design could give the illusion of more space. Interior designers recommend things like keeping a consistent colour scheme, adding brighter lights and installing shelves that climb up the wall to give the illusion of height. All simple tricks to get a bit more (visual) space!

What else can I do?

Most of these tips can be achieved with very little effort, which is probably a relief. But, for a clutter-free kitchen, they are essential steps to follow and can add a world of difference with little output on your part.

For some more failsafe ways to declutter your kitchen using smart interior design, speak to a consultant at Apollo Kitchens. We’ll help you design a layout that’s right for you and manage the design, delivery and installation for you.

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