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Styling Your Kitchen & Dining Space for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to update your kitchen for the warmer months. 

The way we use our kitchens tends to change in summer, as we adapt to the changing weather. Whether it’s spending more time dining outdoors, firing up the barbeque, or entertaining more often, the kitchen often becomes the centre of our summer lifestyle.


Specialising in kitchen renovations in Sydney, we often see features for easier summer living on homeowners’ wishlists. While your design and layout can play a huge role in how you enjoy your kitchen, there are lots of smaller ways you can prepare your space for summer.

With spring cleaning out of the way, read on to find out how styling your kitchen and dining areas will help you to get the most of your space all summer long. 


Keep your decor light and bright

One of the best parts of summer is the longer days and abundance of natural light. Make the most of this by choosing bright, airy decor that will reflect this light around your kitchen and throughout your home. 

Natural textures like timber, linen tea towels and glass storage jars will help to contribute to a feeling of space, whereas darker decor may pull focus and make your kitchen feel smaller than it actually is. 

Make sure to keep your blinds or curtains open to let in the light – consider switching these out for a lighter fabric over summer, which will also help to keep your home cool.


Freshen up your space with colour

Another way to welcome the brightness of summer into your kitchen is through adding pops of colour.

Fresh flowers immediately brighten up any space – if your benchtops tend to get cluttered, use them as a centrepiece for your dining area. Many fresh herbs also love sunlit window sills. Plants like basil and mint thrive with full sunlight, and will come in handy for summer cocktails.

Get the same effect with floral or botanical prints, whether it’s a statement artwork or seasonal placemats. If brighter colours aren’t your style, pastels or natural greens still breathe life into your space without being too loud. One of our favourite summer combinations is weathered timber with muted blues.


Update your finishes 

You don’t have to commit to a full kitchen renovation in Sydney to update the feel of your space for summer – you’ll be surprised how much of an impact you can have just by swapping your fittings and finishes. 

Soften pendant lights with wicker or rattan shades for a chic coastal look. Swap out your breakfast bar stools to a similar material to complete your beachy kitchen vibe. 

If your cabinetry has a lighter palette, you can swap out black door hardware for a brass or copper finish – or this may be the perfect excuse to move to handleless cupboards and drawers.


Blend lifestyle with decor 

If you find yourself returning to your kitchen for a cool drink throughout the day, set up a drink dispenser stand at the end of your bench. Add in fruits for infused water that looks as great as it tastes – perfect for entertaining, as your guests can help themselves. 

The humble fruit bowl is another staple that can be elevated as part of your summer kitchen styling. Opt for bright citrus fruits or textures like pineapple that will look great on the bench, and make the perfect summer afternoon snack.


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