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Upcoming Kitchen Design Trends For Summer 2018

September is in full swing and as the sun is coming up in time for the warmer months, interior designers are turning their heads towards summer trends. If you’re looking to update your kitchen for the summer months, try a few trends on for size.

While you should keep your foundations the same, you can play around with accessories, artwork and pops of colour to keep your home looking fresh. Here are our picks for the upcoming season that you can incorporate without sacrificing the timeless you’ve come to love in your kitchen.

Natural elements

It may come as no surprise, given the influence nature has played in the past couple of years of design – but natural elements are making a return.

This season, we’ll see houseplants galore, along with tasteful wicker baskets, intricate macrame wall hangings and found objects.

The natural trend will also transition into our soft furnishings, with cushions and rugs adopting ochre tones. Although they may not strictly belong in the kitchen, updating your soft furnishings could add a multilayered tone throughout the whole home.


Playing on the mid-century modern designs that have been gracing our homes, geometrics are set to take centre stage. Take things off-centre by adopting an unsymmetric vase or an oddly shaped bowl – anything that’s slightly unexpected will work well.

Play around with lines and forms by pairing your geometric pieces with clean-cut furniture. Smooth, clean lines look great when contrasted with geometric shapes.

Playful colours

Even interior designers can have some fun, and nowhere is that more apparent than in this upcoming season’s trends. Colours are leaping off surfaces and starting to have some fun – a change from classic greys and browns. When you’re choosing fun colours, think ‘gelati’. That’s pastel colours with a grown up twist that makes them inviting, engaging and incredibly delectable.

Choose one or two spots in your kitchen where you can let a bit of your inner child ooze through. An updated frame for your wall art, a new clock or some interesting appliances could make all the difference.

Slow and local

The trend towards minimal, local living shows no signs of slowing down in summer, and more than ever before people are looking to source their products from homegrown designers.

After all – what’s a piece of furniture or an installation piece that doesn’t have a personal story behind it? They’re stories you’ll be dying to share with your houseguests, and the pieces can be handed down as heirlooms with a story to tell.

For more inspiration, or to chat to an interior designer here at Apollo Kitchens, please feel free to give us a call. Our project managers will take you through how to update your kitchen for upcoming seasonal trends, while still maintaining a timeless look.

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