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Colour Palettes for a Refreshing Summer Kitchen Makeover

Colour Palettes for a Refreshing Summer Kitchen Makeover

If your kitchen is in need of an update but perhaps not to the scale of a full-blown renovation, why not consider changing up your colour scheme for summer? 

A lick of paint, resurfaced cabinets or even just a trip to the shops to update your kitchen decor can breathe new life into your space, reinvigorating your inspiration to cook and entertain as the weather warms up.

Get inspired by some of our favourite seasonal palettes for a kitchen makeover this summer, setting the perfect backdrop for warm-weather gatherings and culinary creativity.

Coastal cool

Embrace the coastal vibes of summer with a palette of soft whites, complemented by natural materials and wooden finishes. These colours and textures evoke the laid back atmosphere of beachside living, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your kitchen that serves as the perfect backdrop for warm-weather cooking. 

If an all-white space is too intense for you, introduce a secondary accent in a pastel tone like sage green or seafoam blue to soften the result. 

Vibrant yellow

While not a colour for the faint of heart, a sunshiny yellow can bring joy into just about any space. Opt for a yellow splashback or island cabinetry to introduce a pop of colour without overpowering the space, and keep the shade on the lighter end of the spectrum to avoid a 70s throwback. You could also introduce yellow through the chairs at your breakfast bar or focal pieces on open shelving throughout the space if you don’t want a full-blown kitchen makeover.

Pair with lots of indoor plants to tone down the colour, and otherwise enjoy the glow of your warm and welcoming space as the afternoon sun hits. 

Tropical vibes

Bring the lushness of tropical forests and coral reefs into your kitchen with this nature-inspired palette. Green, from pale mint to deep emerald, can be used for cabinets, and coral shades can be introduced through decor and accents. This combination is versatile and can feel quite grounding, transitioning well into the cooler months when you substitute the coral for other jewel tones or natural textures.

Summer citrus

Inspired by the juicy hues of summer fruits, consider a zesty colour scheme to brighten up your kitchen. Think of citrusy oranges, tangy lime greens, and vibrant grapefruit hues. These shades can be introduced through kitchen accessories, dishware, and even benchtop appliances for a kitchen makeover that’s on the inexpensive side should you wish to keep your palette seasonal throughout the year. 


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Seashell neutrals

Neutral tones reminiscent of seashells and sandy shores are perfect for creating a calm and inviting atmosphere. More warm and muted than its coastal counterpart, this palette is characterised by tones of soft beige, warm greys, and creamy off-whites. These hues can be used for cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes, pairing well with each other and allowing for dynamic use of colour while staying within the same family.


Another expression of the ties between the beach and summer, a palette built around tones of aquamarine can be more welcoming and dynamic than its neutral counterparts. Aquamarine can be used in combination with the other coastal combinations as an accent colour, or alternatively as a statement – it can make a great cabinetry colour, with shades a few degrees darker or lighter used throughout the rest of the space to give cohesion to your kitchen makeover.

Earthy tones

If you prefer a more understated summer look, consider earthy tones. Soft terracotta, warm brown, and muted greens are more reflective of the Australian summer palette, and can bring a welcome grounding element into your kitchen design. These colours work beautifully for cabinetry and tiling, or alternatively to inform your decor choices throughout. 

These summer-inspired colour palettes can help you to achieve that new-kitchen feeling, even if all you update is the colour on the walls. Whether you’re drawn to more neutral tones or you’re drawn to bright and bold colour schemes, there’s a summery palette to match your tastes and to create the ideal backdrop for warm-weather gatherings with friends and family. 

To get a sense of how these colours may look in the bright natural light of summer, or for inspiration on how to plan a bigger kitchen makeover to make use of the warmer months, you’ll find everything you need at our showrooms located across Sydney, Western Sydney and the Central Coast. Our team can help you to design your perfect summer kitchen, from the colour scheme right through to your adjoining outdoor entertaining space – visit us today to discuss your project.

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