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Here’s Your Guide to a Summer Renovation

If you’re among the homeowners who’ve been planning their kitchen renovations in Sydney across the last few months, you’re not alone in deciding to leave it until the new year, once the chaos of Christmas has passed.  

Finally, jumping into a renovation is usually the last in a series of steps – setting a budget, chatting to an expert, settling on your design preferences and lastly, locking in a timeframe for your project.  

Don’t fall into the trap of leaving your renovation for another 12 months (and another 12 after that!). Here are our tips to get the wheels moving on your project this summer and how to keep your cool if your project will be kicking off in the warmer months.


Catch the experts early

The late summer months become some of the busiest for kitchen designers as they begin to meet with homeowners who have finally gotten around to organising their kitchen renovations in Sydney.

 Beat the rush and visit kitchen showrooms once they reopen for the New Year to meet with designers and get your project locked in for your desired timeframe. This is usually a good time for planning, as life tends to be a little quieter before the kids head back to school.

This is also an important step to make sure that your planned timeframe is a realistic one and means you have plenty of time to plan for living around a live worksite while it’s underway. 

Involving an expert in your renovation early can help you ensure that you work with high-quality suppliers and installers while sticking within your budget.


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Embrace outdoor living 

One of the benefits of renovating your kitchen during summer? It’s the perfect time to be barbequing and eating outdoors, minimising the impact of losing your main cooking hub during the renovation. 

While your oven and stove are out of action, set up a satellite space for preparing and eating meals. Usually, between a microwave, air fryer and barbeque, you can make just about anything as you would in your kitchen. 

Make sure your pop-up kitchen is also near a sink and water source for dishes, so it’s easy to clean as you go – you’ll definitely feel the clutter more in the smaller space, so try to keep on top of cleaning up after each meal.


Make the most of summer

Outside of being a great time to get outdoors, the warmer months bring some practical benefits, too.  

Planning a renovation during summer gives you the most natural light possible, making it a great time to scope out potential paint shades and cabinetry samples. Sometimes the lighting in the showroom (and in your kitchen during winter) can be vastly different to how things look in natural light, so summer is the perfect time to pick out design elements for kitchen renovations in Sydney.  

If you’re ready to get the contractors in before the end of summer, you also won’t have to worry about ventilating the dust and chemical smells – it’s the perfect time of year for doors and windows to be open anyway, and it’s much more appealing than the thought of having to do it in the middle of winter!


As the experts when it comes to kitchen renovations in Sydney, Apollo Joinery Group can help you to design the kitchen of your dreams and make this a reality in early 2022. Visit one of our three showroom locations across Sydney and the Central Coast for design inspiration and to chat to our talented team about your project.
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