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Surviving During a Kitchen Renovation

Undertaking a kitchen renovation is a large scale project – and while the outcome is a beautiful brand new kitchen, the reality is that the process can sometimes be disruptive to day to day life.

Escaping your house for a week is one way to minimise the impact of a renovation on your daily routines, but for many homeowners undergoing a kitchen renovation in Sydney, this isn’t possible. 

While the thought of living with a construction zone in your house can be daunting, with a bit of preparation you can make the transition to your new kitchen an easier one for you and your family. 

Read on for our top tips for surviving without a kitchen during your renovation. 


Set realistic expectations

Before your renovation gets underway, it’s important to have a conversation with your kitchen company or builder to understand the process – and prepare to share your home with tradespeople for a week or two! 

Depending on the scale of your project, there may be some areas that are still accessible – or you may find out you’ll have no access to running water or a fridge for a week. 

Armed with this information, you’ll be in a better position to plan to live with the impacts of the renovation.


Set up a satellite kitchen

While many of us may rejoice at the prospect of eating takeaway for a week, it’s not the most cost-effective option during your kitchen renovation in Sydney

Instead, consider how you can make do with a few key items. If you’ve got an old fridge in the garage that’s become storage for extra drinks, transfer your perishable items out of the kitchen and hook up a microwave for easy and convenient meals.

Just don’t forget to think about the clean up when it comes to setting up your kitchenette – make sure it’s not too far away from running water. This could be the bathroom sink, or it could be the garden hose!


Use your barbecue

Who said barbecues were only for summer? Make the most of the temperate Sydney climate and use your renovation as a chance to fire up the grill. 

Aside from traditional steaks and sausages, barbecues can actually be quite versatile. If your model is fitted with a wok burner, you can get plenty of mileage out of it. 

Roasting food on the barbecue is another option. Simply prep your vegetables and place them in a disposable tin tray, set itthem on the shelf and close the lid. 


Store for success

Sort your kitchen items into three categories: everyday use, weekly use, and once-in-a-while use. Where you store something will depend on how frequently you use it. 

Use the renovation process as an opportunity to declutter those items you’ve never taken out of the box, and pare back your collection to the things you frequently use and really love. 

From here, keep your daily items like plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery and dry food in clear storage tubs. These are the items you’ll likely be reaching for during the renovation week, so you’ll want to be able to find them without having to open a whole lot of boxes. 

Whatever you can’t use (think baking dishes, servingware, mixing bowls, small appliances) should be packed up and stored elsewhere with a clear labelling system, so that later you can unpack quickly and find homes for everything in your brand new kitchen. 


A kitchen renovation can be a big project, but rest assured that the team at Apollo Kitchens will be with you at every step of the way. Start your renovation journey today – reach out to us for an obligation-free consultation.


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