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Tapware Trends to Try in Your New Central Coast Kitchen

One of the most exciting parts of any renovation project is picking out the materials and finishes to feature in your space. 

These are the elements of your design which allow your personality and style preferences to shine through. As finishes, in particular, are relatively easy and low-cost to update, your hardware lends well to experimenting with different trends without the long-term commitment.

If you’re looking to make a statement in your Central Coast kitchen, here are the latest tapware trends to incorporate into your design. 


Brushed nickel 

If you like the look of chrome, brushed nickel offers a less-common and on-trend alternative. Subtle like chrome but with a darker tone, brushed nickel is a popular finish for those who like a classic look. It’s not as eye-catching as a gold or brass tap but is more interesting than traditional finishes like stainless steel. 

Brushed nickel pairs well with industrial-style kitchens or terrazzo tiling. It complements other textures rather than competing with them, making it a solid choice for various design styles. 


Matte white

While matte black tapware has been trending for the past five or so years, matte white is fast becoming a challenger in the matte tapware department. 

At home in kitchens with a neutral palette, matte white tapware doesn’t draw the eye and helps to maximise feelings of space. It’s the perfect choice for those who like a minimal design style. 

Expect to see more matte white tapware in Central Coast kitchens as its popularity continues to rise. 



Another alternative to matte black, graphite, of offers the drama of a darker palette while incorporating the shine of chrome. Popular for industrial or monochromatic kitchens, graphite still has some warmth to it. 


Smart tapware 

If you’re looking for more than just a tap, there are many options on the market now that incorporate temperature and carbonation features into one versatile unit. 

Smart taps like those by Zip Water allow for hot, chilled and even sparkling water all at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for other appliances and allowing you to reclaim all-important bench space in the process. 

The expansion of the smart tap market has seen the variety of finishes grow to encompass a wide range of design styles.



In a time where everything old is new again, brass tapware is enjoying a resurgence in modern kitchens.

An easy way to add a luxe touch to your kitchen, brass taps also add character and prevent kitchens from feeling too modern. It also has a balancing effect on your palette, adding an injection of warmth, particularly if your kitchen skews cool-toned.

Brass tapware can come in either a polished or brushed finish, with polished brass offering another alternative to chrome or stainless steel. 

Brushed brass taps make a great statement when paired with a farmhouse or apron-front sink and are also a great choice for Central Coast kitchens that embrace a beachy feel. 


Whether you need some help choosing tapware for your renovation or just want to see what these finishes might look like in your kitchen, visit our showrooms across Sydney and the Central Coast to chat with our team of specialists. Find your closest location here.

In the meantime, access our 2021 Design Trends eBook for inspiration.
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