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The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Layout Types

When considering your kitchen renovation, many factors need to be taken into account. The shape of the kitchen layout itself and how frequently it is used are some of the most crucial elements.

If you’re a person who enjoys cooking, resides in the kitchen, and enjoys hosting family and friends in it undoubtedly has different needs from someone who does not. If you regularly cook, you are aware of the space requirements.

The procedures that make food preparation easier include storing, preparing, and cooking. A flow triangle is often formed by these three “zones”.

Good ergonomics will simplify daily life when making food. This aspect includes the dimensions of the components that will increase the functionality of the activities performed in this environment while always taking the users’ heights into account.


The 5 Most Common Types of Kitchen Layout
1. One-wall kitchen

Due to space savings, it is frequently used in apartments and perfect for small kitchens. In this model, a corridor is formed by the stove, sink, refrigerator, and cupboards.

One-wall layouts become quite functional and useful when carefully designed. With a bench for support in between, the sink should be positioned in the midst between the stove and the refrigerator.

Compared to the popular galley or island-focused layouts, the single-wall kitchen is substantially less expensive to install because it only needs one bank of cabinets and a benchtop.

It is valid to keep in mind that the kitchen might become crowded if more than one or two people attempt to use it because it has all the essential components on one wall. So, it could be challenging if you have a large family or wish to build a kitchen for entertaining.


2. Galley kitchen

The term “Galley Kitchen” comes from the shipboard kitchens, where everything is in a straight line. When you don’t have a lot of room or if your house tends to be long rather than wide, it’s a perfect alternative.

In this kitchen layout, two parallel benches are placed across from one another. They are typically utilised in long slender rooms that may accommodate two persons.

People who cook frequently will benefit from this type of design because everything is usually closer together, which makes work easier. To prevent poor circulation, it is advised to leave 120 cm between the two benches.

The optimal arrangement for this layout is placing hot and wet areas on one side and the storage space of the food on the other. This design avoids the need for corner cupboards and makes the most efficient use of every square inch of available space. 

As long as they are working on things on either side of the kitchen, two individuals could probably use the galley kitchen just well. However, it is challenging for numerous people to be in the kitchen at once due to the small area. Because of this, families or people who frequently host visitors may find the galley kitchen plan to be less practical.

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3. U-shaped kitchen

If you want to utilise every square inch of the available space in your kitchen renovation, the designed U-shaped kitchen is your best bet.

This is one of the most useful designs available. This kitchen plan keeps everything close by and within reach for people who utilise the room by positioning the furnishings and equipment in a highly practical manner.

It works best in larger settings that permit a corridor of between 120 and 150 cm between the cabinets. The back of the “U” should have the stove, with two side benches, and the sides should have the sink and refrigerator. This arrangement works best when the primary components are placed one in each quadrant of the “U”.

U-shaped kitchens typically provide a lot of counter space because they have three connected walls. This indicates that there are numerous work spaces accessible, and multiple people may comfortably operate in the kitchen as long as it isn’t too small. This makes dinner preparation in general easier and makes it easier to get the family ready and out the door in the mornings.


4. L-shaped kitchen

This one is renowned for its layout, which is created by a  90º angle and often only comprises two walls. Occasionally, it is even possible to build a room with just one wall and a bench.

This kitchen has a triangle-shaped configuration, with the stove situated on one wall and the sink and refrigerator on the opposite wall. The cooktop is preferable to the stove for this type of layout. The room becomes more stylish, attractive, and useful as a result of this trade.

Open spaces, BBQ areas, and compact kitchen spaces all benefit greatly from this kitchen design.


5. Kitchen island

The demands and lifestyles of people influence architecture and design, much like everything else in the world. The kitchen, for instance, used to be a special area that was only used by individuals who would cook the meals that were then served in the dining room.

In addition to most houses having less space over time, meals also grew to be associated with interaction and integration.

As a result, the trend to combine the kitchen and living area evolved, and the kitchen transitioned from a supporting function to becoming the centrepiece of the décor.

But how is a kitchen bench different from a kitchen island? The island lacks a side connection, whereas the bench is always connected to a wall or column.

Depending on how big of a base you can build, a kitchen island offers the chance for useful extra storage. This will give you a kitchen island that is both functional and stylish.

If there isn’t enough or the right kind of space on the perimeter, an island might serve as the place for a prep or main sink. For the same reason, a cooktop can work well on an island, making the most of your open plan kitchen design.


It might be challenging to choose the ideal layout for your kitchen renovation as there are so many possibilities.

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