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The 6 Kitchen Additions You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re doing a kitchen renovation, this is the perfect opportunity to install additions. Whether you want to maximise storage, make cooking and cleaning easier, or simply impress your guests, these additions will suit any budget and lifestyle.


1.    Soft-close fittings

If you prefer to roll out of bed on a Sunday morning, rather than wake up with a jolt when someone slams a kitchen cupboard, then soft-close fittings are for you.

As the name suggests, these cabinetry fittings close doors and drawers slowly and gently, preventing that annoying slam. They’re easily integrated  and the perfect addition to your new kitchen design.


2.    Hidden powerpoints

Ever wished there was a way to charge your phone while cooking spaghetti without getting a sticky mess all over your device? Here is a kitchen idea, create a nifty charging station within a drawer. This keeps your benchtops free of clutter and frees up benchtop powerpoints for your cooking appliances.


3.    Built-in rubbish bins

Freestanding bins are not just a tripping hazard, they require frequent cleaning to prevent them from getting sticky, dusty and unsightly. A great alternative is a built-in pull-out bin.

From the outside, built-in pull-out bins are indistinguishable from your other cupboards. They keep your kitchen looking stylish and tidy.


4.    Filtered taps and spray hoses

Ditch those untidy filter jugs and get your filtered water straight from the tap. Filtered taps are so convenient because you can get filtered water any time without having to remember to fill the jug. 

Get your mixer tap (tap that mixes cold and hot water) with an additional pull-out spray hose. This addition makes washing the dishes a breeze, perfect for those pots and pans that don’t fit in the dishwasher. Spray hoses can also be turned off so you can use the tap normally.


5. Storage partitions 

With built-in partitions in your cupboards and drawers, you can organise your belongings better than ever and increase storage capacity. Consider installing partitions in cupboards for your baking trays and chopping boards, and partitions in your pull-out drawers for cookers and crockery.


6.    Secret pull-out drawers 

What better way to maximise space than by installing pull-out drawers in those dead spaces? Install hidden pull-out drawers in places like behind kickboards and in those narrow spaces between cupboards and drawers. Use tight spaces for spice racks, knives, cleaning products or condiments.


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