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Photo of a study nook and hideaway laundry in a Holgate home where Apollo Kitchens delivered custom joinery solutions

8 Ways to Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetics: The Art of Custom Joinery Solutions

Ask any homeowner what they’d change about their current living arrangements and chances are most will have the same answer – more storage please! 

Rooms can quickly feel cluttered by the addition of storage chests or shelving units, and it is often easier said than done to find a storage solution that matches the aesthetic of your home. 

That’s where custom joinery solutions come in – tailored to your exact measurements and storage requirements, it’s an easy and effective way to banish clutter from your home once and for all without needing to compromise on your aesthetic. 

Here are eight of our favourite ways to incorporate custom joinery into your home. 

1. Build a custom entertainment unit 

As a central element of your living space, the entertainment unit plays a large role in determining the aesthetic of this zone in the home. 

Utilise custom joinery to create a bespoke solution that not only creates ample storage, but also opportunities to showcase your decor or prized possessions across shelving. 

This can be quite striking when executed as elongated shelving and drawer units that run along the entirety of the wall. 

2. Create a study nook 

With working from home more common these days, many of us are finding that our current workstations are ill-equipped to function as a home office. 

A study nook can make great use of otherwise dead space, such as under the stairs or an empty wall near the kitchen or in a wider hallway. Incorporate shelving above the bench top and deep drawers or cupboards to keep the space tidy and to conceal any electronics. 

3. Conceal your laundry 

If you don’t have room for a standalone laundry, often these appliances will end up sharing a bathroom and can be unsightly for guests. 

European-style laundry custom joinery solutions can help to declutter what is already a smaller space in the home through stacking your washer and dryer vertically against the wall. This frees up valuable floorspace and maintains your bathroom aesthetic when it’s not in use. 

4. Create banquette seating

If you haven’t found that dining table of your dreams, why not create a bespoke area to eat and entertain that fits your floorplan like a glove? 

Banquette seating is not only practical, but it can also create a focal point in open plan kitchens. Our favourite spot to introduce banquette seating is directly below a window, particularly if this sits as part of a corner or indented section of the room. This draws attention and can be extremely effective when used to maximise the natural light in the space. 


Looking for more guidance on creating your dream home with bespoke joinery? Our eBook covers key design principles with plenty of inspiration to help plan your project. Download it here.


5. Build a butler’s pantry 

A common inclusion on many homeowners’ wishlists, a butler’s pantry isn’t just aesthetic in itself; but it also declutters your main kitchen area and can help to maintain the look and feel of the main areas in your home. 

The endless storage configurations available in a butler’s pantry help to ensure that everything has a place, plus its ability to house appliances like the dishwasher make it easier to put the dishes away and to keep the benchtops clear. 

6. Craft a walk-in wardrobe

Custom joinery solutions aren’t just limited to functional areas of the home. Take your primary suite to the next level through the inclusion of a bespoke wardrobe that doesn’t just house your clothing and accessories, but displays them and preserves their longevity, too. 

A variety of deep and shallow drawers, hanging space, transparent cupboards and pull-out baskets ensure that your clothing storage suits your possessions and not the other way around. 

Style the space with a chair or ottoman and a luxurious rug to finish the look. 

7. Introduce open shelving 

Once thought of as unseemly, open shelves are making a big comeback across modern kitchens and living spaces. 

Popular thanks to the trending maximalist style, open shelving allows for your personality to shine through a space and to highlight key design pieces that contribute to your overall aesthetic. 

These can be short (for example, above a smaller satellite benchtop or adjacent to your cookstop; or run the length of a wall for maximum impact. 

Don’t forget that these shelves do require extra cleaning given that they’re always on display. 

8. Build a wine rack 

Gone are the days of hiding your wine collection in the garage or under the stairs; showcasing your vino is on the rise, and what better way to achieve this than with custom joinery solutions

One popular solution is to build a rack which displays the bottles on their side, rather than front-on. This is a good way to show off any labels in your collection. 

Another option is to turn the layout of the wine display into the feature element itself. Creating a pattern or shape with the layout can be a great conversation piece! 


Looking for more ways to elevate your space with quality custom joinery solutions? With decades of experience in helping homeowners to transform their spaces, our team can help to create a bespoke solution that’s tailored to your home. Get in touch with us or visit a showroom to see how we can help you. 

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