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What Makes the Kitchen the Heart of the Home?

Food is inherently and distinctly tied to every culture, so it only makes sense that the kitchen be considered the most important room in the house. Historically, kitchens have been purely utilitarian rooms sectioned off from the main living areas of the house, reserved for cooking and easily concealing the mess associated with it. Gone are those days, with the changing needs of families and modern kitchen design trends transforming it into the true beating heart of the home. The kitchen has become a destination for not just food, but for socialisation and organisation. 


It’s the engine room of the house

Considering we all need food to survive, it’s no wonder the kitchen is considered this way. Food provides nourishment for the mind, body and soul, and a good meal has the ability to create memories that last a lifetime. More than this, the kitchen serves as the place the family most often comes to land at the beginning and end of the day. It’s a place to fuel up and wind down. The island bench is the centre of activity in the kitchen, most often where the kids sit and do their homework after school, where mail and grocery shopping are unloaded and where friends gather to enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink at a dinner party. 


Food brings people together

Just as it creates lasting memories, a good meal has the ability to unite a group, whether they be family, friends or strangers. Bringing people together in the kitchen has become even easier with the advent of open spaces that combine living and dining rooms with the food prep area. Even those with separate dining rooms often find their guests and family members congregate in the kitchen while a meal is being prepared.


It sets the tone

A well-executed kitchen can set the tone for the entire house. If it’s inspiring enough, it becomes an experience, providing so much more than just food. Coming home to a kitchen you love at the end of a long day can be reassuring, comforting and can quickly change a mood.


It has a distinct purpose

Aside from the bathroom, the kitchen is the only room in the house that is truly custom-built for a clear purpose. This makes it unique from other rooms, and having one that is fully functional and suits your lifestyle is of utmost importance. 


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