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The Kitchen Breakfast Bar vs Island Bench

When planning your kitchen renovation, you will need to consider multiple things including the size of your kitchen, the layout and the functionality needed to suit your lifestyle. 

Reduce the confusion in deciding on the design of your new kitchen. While it might be something you think you can simply decide based on appearance alone, there are a lot of considerations to be made.

Read on to learn the key differences and similarities between the kitchen breakfast bar and the island bench and explore the options available to you for your Sydney kitchen. 


Considerations to make before deciding 

Leading up to your kitchen renovation, make a note of how your household uses the kitchen and the functionality and accessibility you require.   

  • Consider what seems to work well currently and what does not. 
  • Consider what you wished you had better access to. 
  • Consider if you want an open planned kitchen set up.
  • Do you have guests over regularly and like to entertain in the kitchen while you cook?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice if it means creating more space inside the kitchen?
  • Consider how you use your kitchen bench the most? Ie: for eating meals or cooking and food preparation. 
  • What shape is your kitchen?
  • How much bench space do you require and how much space will be taken up by appliances?
  • Do you need additional storage space? 


The Kitchen Breakfast Bar 

The kitchen breakfast bar is an ideal choice for small kitchens in apartments as it conserves space and offers great functionality.  The kitchen breakfast bar wraps around the walls of the kitchen and like the island bench can be customised to suit every kitchen no matter the design or size of the space.


For those living in an apartment where a dining table is not an option, a kitchen breakfast bar is a great option as it allows access to prepare, eat and work at the bench by simply adding two or three kitchen bench stools.  


This style of kitchen bench is also incredibly convenient for those who have fast-paced lifestyles and just do not have time to sit down and eat at a dining table. By eating and drinking at the kitchen breakfast bar you can save more space in your house to entertain and relax. 


The kitchen breakfast bar is the more cost-effective choice when compared with the island bench as it requires less customisation and takes up a lot less space.  By choosing to go for a kitchen breakfast bar this will also mean that you can make changes in the future much more easily than an island bench. 


The Island Bench 

The island bench has been seen in kitchens around the world for years. It is the most popular kitchen bench design and can complement your kitchen depending on the size and layout of your space.  


As the name suggests, the island bench has no borders and stands alone in the centre of the kitchen creating a centrepiece for entertaining guests and providing extra space for eating, drinking, preparing food and cleaning. An island bench space can even be used as a second dining table when needed. 


Island benches are best suited to L and U shaped kitchens as they open up the kitchen space, providing more room to move around on all four sides of the bench. The island bench doubles as a kitchen necessity and a vessel for additional storage space in a compact unit. With custom joinery, you can customise an island bench to include cupboards, pull out pantries, dishwashers, and regular conventional drawers. 


The island kitchen bench is also ideal for those who have people over frequently or large families as it provides an open path for foot traffic compared to the kitchen breakfast bench which is attached to the wall.  


If you are concerned about space, consider a wheeled island bench as an option. These benches can be moved around to suit your needs and can double as working spaces. 


If you need expert advice for your Sydney kitchen renovation, at Apollo Kitchens, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.     
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