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The Social Kitchen Concept

When planning a kitchen renovation it is important to keep in mind that everything takes place in the kitchen, including preparing meals for the week, gathering for a cup of coffee or tea, and even assisting the children with their schoolwork. Kitchens must be designed to give homeowners flexibility and the ability to transform the space into whatever they require.

Including additional seating in your kitchen renovation is an excellent way to capitalise on the social aspect of your kitchen. It can greatly improve your design’s adaptability while also potentially strengthening your bonds with your family.

Almost all of the best gatherings take place in the kitchen, so why not use it for more than just cooking? Here are some of the best features to implement the social kitchen concept in your home.

Organisation or command centre

It is a location with some key elements to keep your home running smoothly that can take many forms. The elements are usually the same whether it’s on a wall, a counter, or even the side of your refrigerator.

A calendar, a place to organise paper, a charging station, hooks for backpacks or keys, and a board where you can write down your family’s weekly grocery list and meal schedule are all possible additions to your kitchen command centre.

They are typically placed in the hallway leading to the kitchen or in a corner to avoid becoming the focal point of the kitchen. Another excellent option is to conceal it behind a door somewhere in the kitchen as long as it continues to serve its purpose.

Casual kitchen island

A kitchen island may already be on your list of possible additions. So why not add seating to further improve your design and sociability of your kitchen renovation?

Even a small worktop overhang can provide enough space for a pair of bar stools in a small kitchen. A more relaxed seating arrangement encourages guests to come and go as you cook, giving that cosiness to the room. A tiny island seating area is the best place to perch while watching dinner or drinking coffee.

Breakfast nook

Many interior designers are increasingly installing breakfast nooks in vacant corners in place of the conventional kitchen table and chairs for both functional and visually pleasant reasons. Making appropriate use of space, breakfast nooks are a cosy way to start the day.

Breakfast nooks can increase counter space, seating area, and the use of a corner for multiple purposes, among other advantages that will make your room more friendly. Learn more about why you should add a Breakfast Nook to your kitchen renovation.

Dining island

When the kitchen and dining area are combined, your home is more likely to feel like its central gathering place, especially when you’re having visitors around. If you prepare yourself for it, you might be amazed by how many people you can fit, even in a pretty small space.

A kitchen island unintentionally becomes the room’s dominant feature. One of the reasons why homeowners are so interested in having a kitchen island is its versatility. It provides extra space for storage, counter space, meal prep space, and sitting space, among other benefits. Learn how to design a kitchen island that’s both functional and stylish.

They can also be used for dining if properly planned. Bar stools are ideal for a quick snack or casual drinks, but they are not always appropriate for more formal occasions. A dining island may be the ideal solution if you prefer a more traditional seating area. Rather than trying to fit in a separate table, a dining island connects to your cabinetry, saving floor space.

Open spaces

Keep the kitchen and dining area as open as possible. Making two separate rooms is rarely a good idea, especially when you can connect them to create a much larger space. Having a separate dining room for some family settings can make the kitchen feel antiquated. And if it’s all part of one open, continuous space, you and your family will find it much easier to enjoy the area as a social setting.

If your kitchen connects to the garden of your home, you should take advantage of this. You can more easily open the kitchen out into the garden and make the most of both places if the garden is connected to the kitchen. This is especially helpful in the summer when you want to eat outside more frequently due to the pleasant weather.

If you want your kitchen renovation to create a truly social environment, make the most of natural light. Nobody wants to socialise in a dim environment.


When it comes to integrating seating in your kitchen, you have many possibilities. You must first think about your layout and decide whether a casual or professional approach is more important.

No matter which option you choose to follow in order to make your kitchen more sociable, the experts at Apollo Kitchens can provide you with excellent advice throughout your kitchen renovation so you can achieve your dreams.

We are happy to assist you with your decision at every stage. Contact us right away or stop by one of our showrooms in Sydney, Western Sydney, the Central Coast, or Newcastle.

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