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Top Kitchen Joinery & Design Trends

Top Kitchen Joinery & Design Trends for 2023

Planning a kitchen renovation or build is an exciting process, but the number of decisions to be made can seem overwhelming at the outset. How do you know where to start looking for inspiration around design, colour and material choices, layout and kitchen joinery

We always recommend starting your research process by taking inspiration from current trends. While going all-out with what’s currently popular can date your kitchen pretty quickly, there are still lots of enduring design and kitchen joinery ideas to be found that will have a lasting impact. 

To take the guesswork out of this process for you, we’ve rounded up our top trends for the year.


Minimalist door profiles

Though in recent years, we’ve seen maximalism and detailed kitchen joinery enjoy a resurgence, we’re already noticing these trends on the way out. One that’s here to stay in its place – the clean, unbroken lines of a flat-fronted door panel.

Usually handleless in style, these doors are becoming a more popular choice for their versatility and timeless appeal. Shaker-style doors are another great choice for this reason, though we’ve seen this used a lot with the modern farmhouse aesthetic that’s also beginning to date. 

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Natural materials 

Jewel and nature-inspired tones dominated the cabinetry trends post-pandemic, but we’re seeing that return to nature go one step further in 2023 with the embrace of natural timber cabinetry. 

Textured profiled kitchen joinery is surprisingly dimensional, with the option to mix and match the tones and grain of the timber to create a look that suits your overall design style. 

Pair with a white benchtop for a fresh take on the kitchen trends of recent years.  

Exposed beams overhead can also achieve the same look, if you like the idea of timber but don’t want to commit to this as your main material.


Indoor/outdoor flow 

We’ve included this trend on our roundups for the last few years, but with good reason – the blurred lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces continue to resonate with homeowners, as we place more emphasis on entertaining at home. 

Though not at all a new concept, this alfresco design is only on the rise; and given its more of a layout trend than an aesthetic one, we think it’s a safe bet to incorporate into your new build or renovation. 

Incorporate kitchen joinery elements like bi-fold doors, servery windows and island benches to make the space work for you year-round.

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Earthy tones 

We mentioned earlier that jewel tones and sage green are on the way out, but there’s a new colour palette trending in 2023 – earthy tones. 

Burnt oranges and terracottas, warm mustard yellows and rich browns bring much-needed warmth and character to the kitchen in the wake of the stark all-white palettes that dominated much of 2010s design. 

Similarly, the earthy palette can help to offset the coolness of LED lighting in a kitchen; meaning you don’t have to compromise on sustainability to create a warm and welcoming space. 

Take inspiration from quintessential ‘Australiana’ colours and pair these tones with timber kitchen joinery for a space that will look great for years to come.

If you prefer a timeless approach to design, here are our top picks for kitchen elements that will never go out of style.


Mediterranean style

A culmination of the shift towards colour, maximalism and irregular shapes in recent years, emulating the style of countries like Greece, Italy and even Spain is a huge trend in 2023.

Think arched doorways or ranges with tiled accent splashbacks, rustic finishes, open shelving and irregular paved flooring which all create a sense of cosiness and intention to your kitchen joinery and design.

Open shelving also provides a means to display decor items like cookbooks, vases or even fresh herbs to evoke your dream overseas destination further.


1970s interiors

In a true case of what’s old is new again, the 70s are bursting back onto the interior design scene in a big way. 

If you are a fan of the timber look with earthy tones, the 70s design style brings these elements together and adds a splash of colour, graphic patterns and plants to bring the space to life. 

Noting that maximalism was more of a flash in the pan than a lasting trend, keep a balance of modernity by picking a few accent pieces. Elements like a feature wall or statement pendant light help to prevent your space from feeling cluttered with too many competing ideas. 


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